health, metabolism and homeostasis

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Introduction to the Abdomen
What are the borders of the abdom...,
Define a hernia,
What is visceral pain
16  cards
Define homeostasis,
Define negative feedback,
Define positive feedback
3  cards
Body Composition
Define body composition,
Define malnutrition,
What is the formula to calculate ...
10  cards
Carbohydrates and Lipids
What is the primary function of c...,
What are the functions of lipids ...,
Name 2 trioses important in glyco...
23  cards
Introduction to endocrinology
Define endocrinology,
Define endocrine gland,
Define hormone
25  cards
Nutrition and energy
Define nutrition,
How do you calculate energy intake,
What factors affect basal metabol...
10  cards
Thyroid Physiology
Describe the basic anatomy of the...,
What are the three main arteries ...,
Where are thyroid hormones stored
19  cards
Physiology of Mouth, pharynx and oesophagus
What are the functions of saliva,
How much saliva is produced each day,
What is the ph range for saliva
22  cards
Gastric Motility and Secretion
Outline the functions of the stomach,
What are the layers of the gi tra...,
Outline receptive relaxation of t...
25  cards
Physiology of the small intestine
What glands in the small intestin...,
What is the function of motilin h...,
What is the function of vasoactiv...
23  cards
Foregut, Midgut & Hindgut
Where does the oesophagus start a...,
How long is the oesophagus,
Describe the right crus of diaphragm
36  cards
Phys + Pharm of large intestine
What are the 4 functions of the l...,
How is electrolyte and water tran...,
What are haustral contractions
21  cards
Intro to inflammation
Is inflammation part of the innat...,
What are some of the beneficial e...,
During inflammation what can vasc...
15  cards
Embryonic Disc Formation
By what week post fertilisation h...,
Describe the formation of a morula,
Describe the formation of a blast...
27  cards
Cellular Adaptations and Cell Damage
What proliferative capacity do ce...,
Name 3 ways cells can adapt to st...,
Define hyperplasia
18  cards
Diseases of the Hepatobiliary Tract
What 3 structures compose the por...,
What are the clinical features of...,
Describe liver cirrhosis
18  cards
Cellular respiration
Do these transporters conduct pas...,
Which of the glut 1 2 3 4 transpo...,
What is the net energy gain of gl...
21  cards
Intro to infection
What are the 3 types of host micr...,
What is a symbiotic relationship,
What are normal flora microbiota ...
10  cards
Urinary obstruction and altered voiding
What are the common symptoms of l...,
What are the problems associated ...,
What are the different types of i...
23  cards
Abdominal viscera: liver, pancreas and spleen
Is the spleen a foregut derivative,
In the embryo how does the stomac...,
Which mesentery does the liver gr...
18  cards
Urinary tract anatomy
What layers of connective tissue ...,
What vertebral levels do kidneys ...,
Where does the renal angle sit
17  cards
Inguinal canal and hernia
What 2 landmarks form the inguina...,
What forms the mid inguinal point,
How do you find the deep inguinal...
14  cards
Spinal cord and spinal nerves
Where do spinal nerves exit their...,
What do grey matter and white mat...,
What type of neurons are present ...
17  cards
Abdominal and Urinary System Imaging
What is the systemic approach to ...,
What is the riglers sign hint dou...,
How is bowel volvulus seen on rad...
3  cards
Liver Physiology
What is the blood supply to the l...,
What major veins drain into the p...,
What are the major cell types of ...
12  cards
Drugs to treat disorder of gastric acid secretion
What is an antacid,
What is an alginate,
What are histamine h2 receptor an...
13  cards
Intro to microbes
What are the 5 classes of microbi...,
Describe viruses,
Describe bacteria
14  cards
Define diabetes mellitus,
What are the sources of glucose,
Which glucose transporters allow ...
20  cards
Hepatic drug metabolism
What are the 4 phases of pharmaco...,
What is first pass metabolism,
What happens in phase i metabolism
20  cards
Intro to Kidney
What are the functions of the kidney,
What is a uriniferous tubule,
What is a nephron
27  cards
Glomerular filtration
What are the three main processes...,
How do you calculate urinary excr...,
Why is a high rate of filtration ...
19  cards
Tubular processing
Where in the nephron does the maj...,
What things are mostly reabsorbed...,
Is the proximal convoluted tubule...
20  cards
Regulation of urine volume and fluid balance
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What ions mainly control ecf osmo...
19  cards
Drugs and the kidney
Why are kidneys so susceptible to...,
What is a diuretic and what are t...,
How do carbonic anhydrase inhibit...
16  cards
Electrolyte balance
How can receptors detect electrol...,
How does the juxtaglomerular appa...,
What 3 things cause the granular ...
18  cards
Define aki,
Name the three different causes o...,
What are the causes of pre renal ...
12  cards
Intro to diagnostic testing
Name 5 uses of investigations,
Why should you not do irrelevant ...,
When and how should you use inves...
7  cards

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health, metabolism and homeostasis

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