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Where do spinal nerves exit their numbered vertebrae?

C1-C7 = cervical spinal n exit ABOVE their vertebrae
Below T1 = spinal n exit BELOW their vertebrae


What do grey matter and white matter contain?

Grey - cell bodies
White - axons of neurons


What type of neurons are present in the dorsal, lateral and ventral horns?

Dorsal - sensory
Lateral - autonomic
Ventral - Motor


What is the blood supply of the spinal cord?

1 x Anterior and 2 x posterior spinal arteries
Arise from vertebral arteries


What would happen if the segmental arteries (arising from the vertebral a.) supplying the inferior part of the spinal cord is blocked?

Result in ischaemic damage to the spinal cord


Where do spinal nerves emerge from the vertebrae?

Via the intervertebral canal


What type of nerves do spinal nerves contain?

Mixed nerves


What is the venous drainage of the spinal cord?

Vertebral venous plexus - Valveless veins form a rich plexus around the spinal cord and within the epidural space -> pass into cranium and vertebral bodies


What pathology can happen as a result of the vertebral venous plexuses communicating with the pelvic veins?

Form a route for cancer spread (e.g. prostate) into the vertebral bodies


What could occur if the posterior ramus was compressed/injury?

Cause localised back pain


What is the common level of adult spinal cord termination?



What is the common level of end of subarachnoid space?

Lower S1-S2


If the L4-L5 disc prolapses, what spinal nerve does it affect?

L5 spinal nerve


How is a lumbar puncture carried out?

VC is flexes to open up space between adjacent spinous process (patient - lying/sitting, knees up to chest)
Midline needle insertion - penetrate skin, supra/infra spinous lig. and ligamentum flavum


What levels is spinal anaesthesia prerformed?

Between L3-L4 to L5-S1 space


Where is the sacral hiatus located?

Inferior apex of an equilateral triangle measure between the post. sup. iliac spines


In a caudal epidural, how is the needle introduced?

The needle is introduced at an oblique angle, then directed cephalad and advanced