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What 2 landmarks form the inguinal ligament? What is the middle called?

ASIS -> Pubic tubercle
Mid point of inguinal ligament


What forms the mid-inguinal point?

ASIS -> Pubic symphysis


How do you find the deep inguinal ring?

Between midpoint of inguinal ligament and mid-inguinal point (1cm above inguinal ligament)


Where is the inguinal canal?

Between the deep and superficial inguinal rings


Where is the superficial inguinal ring located?

Located supero-lateral to the pubic tubercle


Which abdo wall layers do the deep and superficial inguinal ring sit on?

Deep - through transversalis fascia
Superficial - Ext oblique


Which muscles form the roof of the inguinal canal?

Internal oblique and transversus abdominus


What are the common positions of hernia formation through the ant abdo wall?

Umbilical hernia
Inguinal hernia
Femoral hernia


What does a hernial sac most often contain?

Loops of bowel - sometimes hear bowel sounds.
May have torsion


What is the diff between an indirect and direct hernia?

Indirect - pass through deep and superficial rings (into scrotum)
Direct - pass through superficial ring (weakness in conjoint tendon?)


What is the Hessselbach's triangle?

Indicates the region of bulging with a direct inguinal hernia
Only seen inside of abdo wall


What nerves are at risk of damage during inguinal canal surgery?

Ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves


What is Petit's triangle? name its borders

Inferior lumbar site for herniation - male 50-70rs
Borders: ext ob, iliac crest, latissmus dorsi


What is Grynfeltt/lesshaft's triangle? name its borders

Superior lumbar sit for herniation
Borders: rib 12, int ob, quadratus lumborum