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MCAT Psychology Sensation/Perception & Cognition
The theory that dreams are simple...,
The inability to recognize object...,
Low amplitude high frequency brai...
68  cards
MCAT Bio Genetics and Evolution
The two nonidentical copies of a ...,
Different versions of a gene are ...,
___ in males undergo meiosis
55  cards
MCAT biology Nervous system
___is localized area of depolariz...,
Where does an action potential tr...,
The basic functional and structur...
69  cards
Anatomy of the CNS and PNS
The three subdivisions of the bra...,
Walking urination and sex organ f...,
The hindbrain includes these 3 parts
64  cards
MCAT Psych part 2
____includes hairstyles foods and...,
__is specific to social thoughts ...,
A socially defined concept referr...
100  cards
MCAT General Chemistry
__is equivalent to the number of ...,
__is the principle that atomic or...,
A model of the distribution of el...
72  cards
MCAT Biology Sensation and Perception Part 2
What is the function of the vesti...,
The vestibular complex is made up...,
Light is ___ as it passes through...
43  cards
MCAT BIO Cell Biology
Chromosomes have a ___ near the m...,
__is a region in the nucleus that...,
___ consists of loops of dna rna ...
57  cards
MCAT Biology Endocrine System
The ___is part of the sympathetic...,
A tropic hormone produced by the ...,
Acth is produced by the ___
61  cards
MCAT BIOLOGY: Microbiology Ch 5
Third phase of mitosis during thi...,
The first step in viral infection...,
A bacterium that cannot survive o...
91  cards
MCAT Psychology Memory/Learning
An inability to form new memories,
Process of learning in which one ...,
Parents impose strict rules that ...
101  cards
MCAT Biology Lymph, Circulatory, and Immune System
A constant nervous input to the a...,
__are proteins secreted by active...,
___do not destroy antigens direct...
67  cards
MCAT biology
What are the three physiological ...,
Why are fats more efficient energ...,
The lipid bilayer of phospholipid...
133  cards
MCAT Psychology Sensory and Perception Part 2
___ are mechanoreceptors for pres...,
___ is a specialized cell found i...,
___ are located in semicircular c...
58  cards
MCAT Biology Circulatory, Lymph, and immune response part 2
Plasma with the clotting factor r...,
A region of specialized cardiac m...,
The __ is known as the pacemaker ...
26  cards
MCAT Biology Sensation and Perception Part 1
___ is the act of organizing assi...,
How does the brain know the diffe...,
___are pressure sensors located d...
82  cards
MCAT Biology Digestive System
Enzymes secreted by the mucosal c...,
Pepsinogen secreting cells found ...,
A hormone secreted by the small i...
37  cards
MCAT Organic Chemistry
No resonance structures can be dr...,
What are the three main criteria ...,
A bronsted lowry acid is a molecu...
80  cards
Self observation of a phenomenon ...,
Comparisons are made between one ...,
A study design in which data coll...
78  cards
MCAT BIology Muscles and
___ refers to reducing the angle ...,
___ refers to increasing the angl...,
___ fers to moving away from the ...
47  cards
MCAT Biology Muscular and Skeletal Systems
The band of the sarcomere that ex...,
The __ includes regions of thick ...,
The __ alternates with the i band...
73  cards
MCAT Biology Digestive System Part 2
The anus is derived from the __ d...,
In the small intestine the apical...,
The __ system stimulates motility...
54  cards
MCAT Biology Circulatory system
The flow of blood through a tissu...,
Inadequate blood flow is known as __,
___have smooth muscle in their wa...
50  cards
__ is the substrate concentration...,
If an enzyme substrate pair has a...,
An enzyme inhibitor that competes...
80  cards
MCAT Psychology Behavioral Neuroscience
Almond shaped structure deep with...,
Structures that coordinate smooth...,
The region of the brain that coor...
66  cards
MCAT Organic Chemistry Carbonyl Chemistry
A reaction in which the enolate a...,
A reaction between an aldehyde or...,
A functional group in which a car...
64  cards
MCAT Biochemistry
To get 132 on the final section of the MCAT
56  cards
MCAT Organic Chemistry
A destabilizing interaction betwe...,
Epimers formed by ring closure,
The most stable conformation of c...
69  cards
MCAT Psych Sociology ALL
___ positively reinforces certain...,
Monocular cue where objects in fo...,
An optic illusion in which a seri...
50  cards
MCAT Biology Reproductive System
What are the three glands in the ...,
A region at the head of a sperm c...,
A sac filled with fluid that surr...
97  cards
The enzymes of the krebs cycle an...,
The enzymes of the electron trans...,
The two goals of the electron tra...
76  cards
MCAT Physics
The center of mass of an object w...,
An object moving in a circular pa...,
A thermodynamic process in which ...
71  cards
MCAT Psychology PArt 3
A tropic hormone produced by the ...,
A persons visible emotion in the ...,
The most prevalent form of dement...
64  cards
MCAT Respiratory system and the skin
Tiny sacs with walls only a singl...,
___ are the site of gas exchange ...,
Very small air tubes in the respi...
43  cards
Laboratory Techniques Bio and Chem
In general when doing western blo...,
___ can detect and quantify proteins,
How does elisa work
46  cards
MCAT Biology Urinary System
The small artery that carries blo...,
The principle mineralcorticoid se...,
This steroid hormone target the k...
101  cards
MCAT General Chemistry Part 2
How does the kinetic molecular th...,
Because all molecules of a gas mo...,
The average kinetic energy of a g...
56  cards
MCAT Biology Reproductive System Part 2
The primary androgen male sex ste...,
A layer of cells surrounding the ...,
__ help produce the estrogen secr...
62  cards
MCAT PSychology Bio Processes in the brain
The outer region of the adrenal g...,
The inner region of the adrenal g...,
A tropic hormone produced by the ...
63  cards
Next Step Psych
___investigate a population at a ...,
__are treatments known to have no...,
_are treatments known to have a c...
74  cards
Physics sound
Sound wave is a ___ wave because ...,
Humans can perceive sound in the ...,
What are the two things that a so...
101  cards
Khan Doc P/S
Gestalt law of similarity,
Gestalt law of pragnanz,
Gestalt law of proximity
100  cards
Uncontrolled variables that have ...,
An attributional error that occur...,
Decreased respond to a stimulus o...
38  cards
Khan Dock P/S 2
Responsible for storage retrieval...,
Bilateral destruction of amygdala...,
Key role in forming new memories ...
76  cards
Khan P/S 3
Focused on inequalities of differ...,
Argues that people actively shape...,
Concept practice everyone in soci...
29  cards

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