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6A: Sensing the environment
What is a threshold,
What is the absolute threshold,
What is the difference threshold
79  cards
6B: Making sense of the environment
What is attention,
What is selective attention,
What is divided attention
148  cards
6C: Responding to the world
What are the three components of ...,
What is the physiological compone...,
What is the behavioral component ...
63  cards
7A: Individual Influences on Behavior
What are the two major divisions ...,
What does the cns include,
What does the pns include
178  cards
7B: Social processes that influence human behavior
What is social facilitation,
What is the co action effect,
What is the audience effect
34  cards
7C: Attitude and behavior change
What is habituation,
What is dishabituation,
When is dishabituation most common
54  cards
8A: Self-identity
Self concept,
Self schema,
41  cards
8B: Social Thinking
What is attribution theory,
What are the two types of attribu...,
Dispositional attribution
47  cards
8C: Social Interactions
Types of status,
Master status
62  cards
9A: Understanding social structure
What is social structure
41  cards
9B: Demographic characteristics and processes
What are demographic categories,
22  cards
10A: Social inequality
Residential segregation,
Environmental justice,
Social class
24  cards
7A: Psychological Disorders
What are psychological disorders,
What is the biomedical approach,
What is the biopsychosocial approach
61  cards
Pineal gland hormones,
Thymus gland hormones
72  cards
Digestive Enzymes
6  cards
2B: The Structure, growth, physiology and genetics of prokaryotes & viruses
What are the 4 tenets of cell theory,
How do viruses violate cell theory,
List the 7 organelles in eukaryot...
95  cards
1A: Structure & function of proteins and their constituent amino acids
Amino acids,
Absolute configuration at the pos...,
Naturally occurring amino acids
84  cards
1B: Transmission of genetic information from the gene to the protein
Types of nucleotides,
Structure of nucleotides
173  cards
1C: Transmission of heritable information from generation to generation & the processes that increase genetic diversity
121  cards
1D: Principles of Bioenergetics & Fuel Molecule Metabolism
Endothermic reactions,
Exothermic reactions,
Free energy equation
251  cards
2A: Assemblies of molecules, cells and groups of cells within single cellular and multicellular organisms
Plasma membrane,
Plasma membrane,
Composition of plasma membrane
82  cards
2A (Organelles & Cytoskeleton)
86  cards
2C: Processes of cell division, differentiation and specialization
Autosomal cells,
Haploid cells,
177  cards
3A: Structure and functions of the nervous and endocrine systems and ways in which these systems coordinate the organ systems
How do neurons communicate,
Electrical communication
170  cards
3B: Structure and integrative functions of the main organ systems
Respiratory pathway,
Vibrissae nasal hairs
115  cards
Math Review
Si units,
Si units,
86  cards
Reasoning About Design & Execution of Research
The scientific method 8,
Finer method of evaluating a rese...,
Finer method of evaluating a rese...
94  cards
Data-Based and Statistical Reasoning
Measurements of central tendency,
Measurements of central tendency,
Measures of central tendency
35  cards
Psychology & Sociology Terms & Definitions (TPR)
Absolute poverty,
Absolute poverty,
Achieved status
70  cards
AAMC Bio QPack Review
40  cards
Khan Academy Review
Autosomal inheritance,
Autosomal recessive disorder,
Autosomal recessive disorder
4  cards

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