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Course Intro and Overview of Hematology
______ is the percentage of a blo...,
Red blood cells are biconcave dis...,
____ _____ and _____ are critical...
7  cards
The Complete Blood Count
_____ used to be measured directl...,
What does mcv stand for,
Mcv refers to _____
16  cards
Overview: From Innate Immunity to Adaptive Immunity
What does pamp stand for,
Prr stands for ______,
What is the one human produced en...
20  cards
Anemia: Overview of Approach to Patient
Define anemia,
What is the first question you as...,
What should you ask if there are ...
20  cards
Hemoglobin Structure and Function
Ferrous iron is _____,
Ferric iron fe3 cannot bind _____,
Ferric iron in methemoglobin is r...
26  cards
What is the most common site of h...,
Sites of hematopoiesis in the bon...,
Hematopoietic stem cells differen...
16  cards
Anatomy and Physiology of the Immune System
In the nervous system macrophages...,
Mononuclear cells refers to _____...,
Eosinophils fight _______
20  cards
Anemia Due to Decreased RBC Production
What are the two microcytic anemias,
What are the normocytic anemias,
Folate is absorbed in the _______
22  cards
Hb barts is _______ and is an ind...,
Hb h is ________ and is an indica...,
Portland and gower are both _____...
30  cards
Sickle Cell Disease
Priapism is _________,
List the four effects that result...,
Polychromasia refers to _______
19  cards
Antibody Structure
The hinge regions of the _____ ch...,
The part of the antigen that spec...,
___ makes dimers
14  cards
Antibody Function and Complement
Humoral immunity refers to ________,
Epitopes are usually _______,
The first immunoglobulin to be pr...
21  cards
Anemia Due to Hemolysis
Hemolysis is defined as __________,
Rbcs can survive in blood for ___...,
Marrow production can increase by...
19  cards
Antibody Genes
Cross reactivity refers to ______...,
A toxoid is a substance _________,
Affinity maturation is _________
9  cards
Ontogeny of the Immune System
An immature b cell has ____ only ...,
The half life of igg is _____,
Hematopoietic stem cells arise fr...
11  cards
T Cells I & II
All of the helper t cells express...,
The most important lymphokine sec...,
Th1 also secretes _____ which hel...
20  cards
Small Group: Anemia 1 & 2
Define guaiac,
What does the mnemonic oldcart st...,
Tarry stool suggestive of occult ...
16  cards
Immunogenetics and Transplantation
The most important loci within th...,
The mhc set that you inherit from...,
In an mlr reaction the _______ ce...
10  cards
Histology of the Thymus and Peripheral Lymphoid Organs
The ______ lymphatic is found in ...,
The cortex is ________,
The paracortex is mostly _______
25  cards
Resistance, Immunity, and Vaccines
What is mdr edr,
Describe natural active immunity,
Describe natural passive immunity
8  cards
Disorders of Granulocyte/Monocyte Number
Monocytes are usually in the bloo...,
Describe a monocyte,
Neurophils are in the bone marrow...
21  cards
Anemia Cases
Liver disease can lead to ______,
Target rbcs have _________,
What does hgb h do
12  cards
Disorders of Granulocyte/Monocyte Function
What three receptors are involved...,
Phagocytosis occurs through these...,
Describe chronic granulomatous di...
9  cards
Exam #2 Miscellaneous
Pokeweed mitogen stimulates _____...,
In beta thalassemia major there i...,
Cgd can be _______
12  cards
Introduction to Hematologic Malignancies
What is the historic difference b...,
Myeloid tumors are called ______,
The same type of hematologic canc...
20  cards
Deficiency of Adaptive Immunity
Describe scid,
What is the pathophysiology of br...,
List the catch 22 mnemonic for di...
13  cards
Type II Immunopathology - Autoimmunity
Describe the pathology of graves ...,
Type i immunopathology is _______,
Type ii immunpathology is ________
10  cards
CLL and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
What are the three b cell markers,
The most common leukemia in the w...,
Cll is defined as ______
22  cards
Acute Leukemias
The majority of acute leukemias h...,
What increases risk for acute leu...,
There are two types of acute lymp...
17  cards
Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Mds presents with ________,
Chromatin will often look _______...,
What are the three classification...
22  cards
Type IV Immunopathology
Define type iv immunopathology,
Explain why a person usually has ...,
Explain the difference between in...
6  cards
Chronic "Frustrated Immune Response"
There are as many as _______ orga...,
Describe the factors that regulat...,
What drives iga production in the...
6  cards
Small Group: Immunodeficiency
A normal immune response would cr...,
What enzyme is impaired in cgd,
In x linked cgd what subunit of n...
4  cards
Plasma Cell Disorders and Hodgkin Lymphoma
Most plasma cell neoplasms origin...,
Explain the crab mnemonic,
What are the presenting signs of ...
21  cards
Immunopathology Type I
Ige sticks to mast cells through ...,
Eosinophils secrete _________ the...,
Upon infection with worms the imm...
10  cards
Immunopathology Type III
Arthus syndrome is basically ____...,
What is rheumatoid factor
2  cards
Exam 3 Miscellaneous
Cd10 is a marker of _______,
Hyperacute reactions white grafts...,
Brutons is _________
6  cards
Introduction to Rheumatology
Rheuma is greek for ________,
What is rheumatology,
The first branch point in rheumat...
25  cards
What is osteoarthritis,
Hypertrophic bony spurs are calle...,
Osteoarthritis symptoms typically...
12  cards
What are hama,
Adcc is _________,
What is zmapp
6  cards
Introduction to Hemostasis I
At sites of injury vasoconstricti...,
List the cofactors of the intrins...,
List the cofactors of the extrins...
31  cards
Hemostasis: Approach to Patient
Primary hemostasis is _________,
One megakaryocyte can divide into...,
Platelets can circulate for _____...
25  cards
Introduction to Hemostasis II
Factor iia thrombin activates mor...,
Serpins are ________,
Heparin is a cofactor for ________
40  cards
Red blood cell antigens are _____...,
O type people are less likely to ...,
The basic backbone of the rbc ant...
9  cards
Hemostasis Defects
Intrinsic pathway deficiencies le...,
Aptt tests all of the factors exc...,
Pt inr times can be prolonged wit...
29  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is _________...,
Ra is a disease of mostly _______...,
Ra often affects the ________ joi...
15  cards
Crystal Arthropathies
Explain the mnemonic tuna for gou...,
The threshold for uric acid super...,
List the four stages of gout
9  cards
Spondyloarthropathies are asociat...,
There are five classes of spondyl...,
Ankylosing spondyloarthritis is m...
13  cards
Autoimmunity and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
There are two broad categories of...,
Lupus can be either type ___ or ___,
Explain the mnemonic mdsoapbrain
12  cards
Pharmacology of Anticoagulation Therapy
Anti thrombotic drugs either ____...,
Thrombi often form on ___________,
There are three kinds of heparin ...
26  cards
Hemostasis Review Session
0  cards
Immunology of AIDS
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia pc...,
Those without __________ are not ...,
The normal range of cd4 t cells i...
18  cards
Transfusion Medicine
Apheresis is ____________,
______ percent of the population ...,
Ahtr is ___________
10  cards
Vasculitides can be primary in wh...,
Claudication is _________,
There are two kinds of large vess...
18  cards
Double positive t cells that is t...,
Does unsecreted iga ie iga found ...,
Children are born with _______ th...
8  cards
Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis
What are polymyositis and dermato...,
_______ of dm pm patients experie...,
Early symptoms include _____________
16  cards
Hereditary and Acquired Thrombotic Disorders
In the arteries ________ are more...,
Again virchows triad is _________,
What are lifestyle risk factors f...
28  cards
Tumor Immunology
Paraneoplastic syndromes are ____...,
Interestingly athymic nude mice d...,
The most common way cancers are k...
15  cards
Final Exam Review
Dactylitis is a sign of ___________,
Lesch nyhan is deficiency of ____...,
The systemic effects of ra are me...
23  cards
Rheumatology Review
List the joints involved in osteo...,
Sports do not raise your risk of ...,
Osteoarthritis can result from me...
19  cards

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