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There are as many as _______ organisms in one milliliter of gut fluid.



Describe the factors that regulate the differentiation of Th0 cells in the Peyer’s Patches to Th1, Th2, or Th17 versus into Treg cells.

There is normally a lot of the cytokine TGFβ in the submucosal Peyer’s Patches, and that favors the differentiation of Th0 cells into Treg. The resident dendritic cells here make IL-10, and that also favors Treg development. Thus, there are a lot of Treg in the Peyer's patches.


What drives IgA production in the intestines?

The high prevalence of Tfh in Peyer's patches


How does the innate immune system switch from Treg to Th1, Th2, andn Th17?

The innate immune cells in the lining of the intestine secrete IL-6 which, in combination with TGF-beta, promotes the switch from Treg to the others.


What produces IL-6?

Damaged epithelial cells


Celiac patients develop a skin condition called ________, caused by IgA.

dermatitis herpetiformis

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