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Key 1 of 2- Inflammation and Wound Healing
The function of lps in gram negat...,
Pge2 functions 4,
Leukotriene c d e functions 3
72  cards
Key 2- Inflammation, Apoptosis and necrosis
The alternative pathway which can...,
Leukotriene b4 function,
Leukotriene c4 d4 e4 functions ag...
46  cards
Bechet syndrome triad,
Aphthous ulcer suggest presence of,
2 precursor lesions of sq cell ca...
134  cards
When jaundiced in hepatitis what ...,
What causes high alt,
When do you get mallory bodies
18  cards
Jaundice weight loss epigastric pain,
2 major risk factors for pancreat...,
Unique findings in carcinoma of t...
79  cards
Red colored urine suggests the pr...,
Cloudy or turbid urine suggests t...,
Hematuria from hemolysis
55  cards
The degree of acute renal failure...,
Acute tubulointerstitial nephriti...,
Serum ige levels increase and ige...
49  cards
Urinary tract infections can spre...,
Hematogenous spread of utis is mo...,
Acute pyelonephritis is most comm...
41  cards
This strong negative charge preve...,
Immunological damage to the glome...,
Clinically patients with heavy pr...
36  cards
Renal cancer
Angiomyolipoma of the kidney is a...,
Angiomyolipoma of the kidney freq...,
The common benign renal neoplasms...
25  cards
Respiratory Images
19  cards
Cells involved in jc virus infection,
Mech of pml progressive multifoca...,
2 structures from neural crest
21  cards
CNS Tumors
Skin tumors hyperpigmentation iri...,
Nf 1 gene works by inactivating,
Nfi gene mutation activates______...
17  cards
Pediatric Diseases
A 17 year old primigravida gives ...,
An 18 year old woman gives birth ...,
Amniotic band syndrome is a conge...
66  cards
Pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus
What does diabetes insipidus mean,
List the diagnostic criteria for ...,
Fasting blood glucose results
30  cards
3 classic symtoms of prlactinoma,
A typical complication of prolact...,
Secondary complication of growth ...
112  cards
MSK Pathology
Achondroplasia is a defect in,
Specific achondroplasia mutation,
Achondroplasia presentation
115  cards
Role of hla,
A 20 year old woman presented wit...,
Class i mhc molecules are express...
48  cards
Mi heart,
Acute chest pain alleviate when t...
37  cards
Essential Hematology Part 1
Ida 2
30  cards
Essential Hematology 2
0  cards

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