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Membrane transport
What are the three different form...,
Is simple diffusion active or pas...,
Is diffusion through channels eg ...
50  cards
Membrane potential
What are the two ways in which io...,
What is the voltage at the outsid...,
The inside of a cell at rest is a...
33  cards
Action Potential
What is the time constant,
What is the length constant,
What happens to the size of the a...
62  cards
Synaptic transmission
What are the two types of synapses,
What are the two types of chemica...,
Electrical synapses are made up o...
133  cards
Skeletal muscle
What is a sarcolemma,
What is a sarcomere,
What is the sarcoplasmic reticulum
105  cards
Smooth muscle
Smooth muscle fibers are larger o...,
Does smooth muscle contain striat...,
True or false all smooth muscle i...
71  cards
What are the two components of th...,
The somatic and autonomic nervous...,
The final common pathway linking ...
140  cards
Additional ANS
What is the type of adrenergic re...,
What is the type of adrenergic re...,
What is the type of adrenergic re...
46  cards
Electrophysisology of the heart
What are the two major types of c...,
What are myofibrils what are they...,
What is the connection between my...
85  cards
Is depolarization a process or a ...,
What is an ekg electrode detecting,
True or false an ekg electrode wi...
87  cards
Cardiac Cycle
What fraction of time does the he...,
True or false the cardiac cycle r...,
Where are the precordial leads po...
83  cards
Cardiac Output
What is occurring during the st s...,
What causes the rad with a rbbb,
What is cardiac output
50  cards
What do veins function as in the ...,
What do arteries function as in t...,
Is the arteriole curve of pressur...
41  cards
What is the function of the capil...,
What is the rate of exchange of n...,
What features of the capillaries ...
65  cards
Coronary Circulation and Temp
Which usually supplies the poster...,
What is the arterial plexus that ...,
Which part of the coronary arteri...
48  cards
BP regulation
What is the equation for the mean...,
What is the definition of bp,
Pressure is directly related to t...
115  cards
Why is it important that blood ha...,
How many liters of blood are in m...,
What are the three separate layer...
103  cards
What is hemostasis,
What are the five hemostasis systems,
Deficiencies in any of the clotti...
108  cards
If there is more of a difference ...,
What is s3 caused by,
What is s4 caused by
5  cards
Structural Properties of the Lung
What parts of the brain sense ph ...,
What is the major function of the...,
What are the three things that th...
81  cards
Lung Volumes
What is the test for lung volumes,
What is the tidal volume,
What is inspiratory reserve volum...
68  cards
Respiratory mech
What are the three goals of the r...,
What is the role of the rib cage,
What is the most important muscle...
78  cards
Gas Exchange
What does effective respiration mean,
In respiratory physio solution re...,
What is dalton s law of partial g...
54  cards
Transport of Oxygen
What are the two forms that oxyge...,
In solution which form of oxygen ...,
What percent of oxygen is conjuga...
52  cards
Pulmonary circulation
How compliant are the vessels of ...,
What happens to blood flow in alv...,
What are the five scenarios menti...
47  cards
Control of Breathing
Spontaneous respiration is produc...,
How are the pons regulated throug...,
Where are the autonomic breathing...
54  cards
Pulmonary disorders
Obstructive diseases are manifest...,
What are the three types of obstr...,
What type of disease is asthma
51  cards
PFT lab video
True or false the patient s pft o...,
By what age does the american tho...,
Is spirometry testing down standi...
14  cards
How are pao2 and sao2 related,
Who determines whom sao2 and pao2,
What is the equation for oxygen d...
8  cards
Renal Overview
Where are nephrons located in the...,
What are the two specific ways th...,
How generally do the kidneys func...
88  cards
Renal Hormones
What is a hormone,
What is an autacoid,
What is the gfr
94  cards
Glomerular filtration and tubular reabsorption
What is glomerular filtration,
What are freely filtered substanc...,
Glomerular capillaries are like o...
40  cards
Renal Clearance
What is renal clearance,
What are the units of clearance,
How do we measure clearance
19  cards
Urine concentration/dilution
Where is ammonium converted to urea,
How do we measure urea in the us,
Why is it that on a short term ba...
38  cards
Acid Base regulation
Where does most of the acid come ...,
What are the three acids that are...,
What is the normal ph of the blood
57  cards
K Regulation
What is renal secretion,
What is the mechanism through whi...,
Apical part of a lumen cell basol...
56  cards
Regulation of Body fluids
Icf accounts for what percent fra...,
Ecf accounts for what percent fra...,
What are the two subdivisions of ...
33  cards
Anterior pituitary
What are cell that have major fea...,
What is the endocrine system,
What is it called when there are ...
107  cards
Male Physiology
What are the two metabolic produc...,
The production of sperm and testo...,
What does the epididymis connect
115  cards
Thyroid physiology
Where are thyroid receptors found,
What is the importance of thyroid...,
What are the physiological effect...
60  cards
Ca and bone physiology
What is the normal plasma ca,
What three forms does ca take in ...,
What is the relationship between ...
83  cards
Adrenal Physiology
What are the two distinct endocri...,
What are the three steroid hormon...,
What are the catecholamines that ...
97  cards
Female reproductive
What is the principle organ for e...,
How many tissue layers are in the...,
What layer of the uterus is shed
118  cards
Ureter and Bladder
What are the two parts of the uri...,
What is the internal sphincter of...,
The natural tone of which sphinct...
40  cards
Pancreatic Hormones
What is the exocrine function of ...,
What is the endocrine function of...,
Where do the exocrine products of...
79  cards
What is type ia dm,
What is type ib dm,
What is the endocrinopathy that c...
58  cards
Renal and Endocrine cases
What happens to acth produced by ...,
What would happen to acth if the ...,
What is the moa of amenorrhea wit...
13  cards
What are the three systems that i...,
What is the enteric nervous syste...,
What are the intrinsic neurons to...
84  cards
Mouth and esophagus
What is the function of saliva re...,
What is the function of saliva in...,
What is the function of saliva in...
50  cards
Gastric motility
What is gastroparesis,
What is the migrating motor complex,
What happens to the migrating mot...
53  cards
Gastric Secretions
What is the enzyme that h pylori ...,
What are the cell types in the ga...,
What do chief cells produce
67  cards
What are the two general roles of...,
What are the two protective roles...,
What is the exocrine digestive ro...
58  cards
Liver and Gallbladder
What are the two metabolic functi...,
What are the two excretory functi...,
What are the three major function...
54  cards
What are the 3 anatomical feature...,
What comprises the brush border o...,
What happens if there is ischemia...
66  cards
Digestion and absorption
What is the site of b12 absorption,
What are the cells that produce i...,
Are oligosaccharide or polysaccha...
43  cards
Fluid and Electrolytes
What is the target of the cdiff t...,
What is absorbed and secreted in ...,
How is na absorbed in the intesti...
50  cards
Review for test 3
What is the effect of peptide yy,
What are the three actions of the...,
What are the two neurotransmitter...
68  cards
Intro to sensory systems
What are the five types of recept...,
What is perception,
What is the process of translatin...
98  cards
Intro to Motor system
What type of movement is walking ...,
What does the nervous system need...,
What type of fibers innervate gtos
55  cards
Spinal Mechanisms of motor control
What is the route of innervation ...,
What is a phasic stretch reflex,
What is a tonic stretch reflex
72  cards
Vestibular Function
What are the three systems that a...,
What is the basis for the romberg...,
The vestibular system has a role ...
75  cards
Postural control and locomotion
Motor neurons innervating axial a...,
Motor neurons innervating distal ...,
What is the function of the later...
57  cards
Corticomotor system
What is the first event of the th...,
What is the second event of the t...,
What is the third event of the th...
63  cards
Basal Ganglia
What are the basal nuclei,
What are the two parts of the sub...,
Putamen caudate nucleus
54  cards
What is nociception,
What is pain,
What is congenital indifference t...
61  cards
Pain II
What is the difference between pr...,
What are the two fibers that play...,
What is the role that a delta fib...
81  cards
Cerebellar function
What are the functions of the cer...,
How does the cerebellum accomplis...,
How does the cerebellum know inte...
94  cards
What does an eeg record,
Why are signals from an eeg averaged,
When are eegs useful
91  cards
Cerebral cortical function
What is the categorical hemisphere,
What is the representational hemi...,
What are the brodmann areas for t...
64  cards
Limbic System
What is emotion,
What are subjective feelings,
Are physiologic states of emotion...
76  cards
Learning and Memory
What are the two divisions of lea...,
What is associative learning,
What are the two types of non ass...
69  cards
Special Senses 1
What is the equation for the spee...,
High frequency sound has short or...,
What determines the intensity of ...
62  cards
Special Senses II
What is the role of the lens,
What flattens the lens,
Lens flattening near or far vision
71  cards
Special Senses III
What are the signals for spicy food,
What is the chemical for spice wh...,
What are the 5 taste sensations
42  cards
Last bits
Of the following which excites ex...,
Where does the input for the laby...,
Upper pons lesion will produce de...
13  cards

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