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The direction of the City of Tacoma workforce, including TFD personnel,
is vested exclusively with the City via the City Manager and delegated to?

The fire chief


Who serves as the Administrator of Emergency Management for the City of Tacoma.

Fire chief


The Fire Chief, with the approval of the City Manager, shall have the authority to?

a. Make all necessary rules and regulations for the governance of TFD.

b. Manage and control all fire stations, facilities and equipment belonging to the City.


TFD’s designated Human Resources Manager?

Deputy Chief of Administration.


Job classifications for each of the positions listed on the organizational chart are maintained by?

City’s Human Resources Department in
cooperation with the Deputy Chief of Administration


What is an exception to using the chain of command?

EEO complaints, for which TFD employees
may contact directly any supervisor, a TFD EEO officer, City EEO officers or external EEO compliance agencies, in accordance with
TFD Policy 1003.


Who is responsible for maintaining this document?
Department Duties ADMINISTRATION
and Responsibilities 1000

The Deputy Chief of Administration.


What policy number is "Department Duties and Responsibilities"?


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