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What are all TFD Supervisors responsible for concerning Documenting and reporting to a TFD EEO Officer?

a. All situations involving alleged discrimination and harassment even
if s/he was able to handle the issue/s at his/her level.
b. Any situation involving alleged retaliation.

5. Informing his/her own supervisor of any situation involving alleged discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation to ensure that an awareness of
such a situation travels up the chain of command.


Who maintains document
1003 EEO/Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination?

The TFD EEO Officer(s)


Who is responsible for
Scheduling annual training and subsequent make-up sessions, as necessary, to enable each employee to receive regular reminders of expectations and any updates related to this policy?

The TFD EEO Officer(s)


Who is responsible for ensuring TFD personnel complete annual EEO training?

TFD Battalion Chiefs


EEO External Compliance Agency

Compliance agencies including the Federal,
State and Local agencies that enforce Title VII Civil Rights Laws such as the
-Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,
-The Washington State Human Rights Commission or
-the City of Tacoma Human Rights division.



Employment and


A solution may include?

a. Counseling an offender and/or the person(s) making the allegation.

b. Discipline, training and/or other measures as necessary


True or false?
Reports of alleged discrimination, harassment, or retaliation must be investigated whether or not the complaining individual
wishes to file a formal complaint.



What do you do when engaged in a romantic, dating or sexual relationship with another employee for whom s/he provides supervision?

Notify his/her supervisor when engaged in a romantic, dating or sexual relationship with another employee for whom s/he provides supervision and immediately make arrangements to remove him/herself from that employee’s chain of supervision; this includes occasions when an employee is “working up” in an in-charge position.


What if the relationship ends or deteriorates?

Notify his/her supervisor if the relationship described in paragraph 8 (above) ends or deteriorates and the situation impairs the ability of those involved to work together.


Behavioral Expectations of TFD Supervisors
In addition to their responsibilities as TFD employees, TFD supervisors also shall?

Immediately address any inappropriate behavior they hear, observe or that
has been brought to their attention, whether or not a formal allegation has been filed.


Once a solution to an issue has been imposed, contact the involved parties
or make arrangements for contact by an officer in the chain of command. When and how often?

a. On the first day/shift after the corrective action was taken during which both parties work AND
b. At least twice per month after the first contact, for a minimum of six months, to confirm the inappropriate behavior has ceased.
i. TFD Supervisors may make more frequent contact with the involved parties as necessary and appropriate.
5. After each contact, document the date, time, and what was said.


Supervisors shall NOT?
(When related to EEO claims)

Make any personnel movements related to EEO claims without consulting with and getting approval from the Bureau Chief or Fire Chief.
a. If the situation occurs after hours, contact FCC to have the appropriate Chief paged.


If you are not comfortable seeking assistance from the next supervisor in the chain of command, seek assistance immediately

1. A TFD EEO Officer, or
2. A non-involved supervisor, or
3. A Bureau Chief, or
4. The TFD Fire Chief, or
5. The City EEO Office, or
6. An External EEO Compliance Agency


Who are theTFD/City EEO Officer(s)?

Tory Green
253-591-5010 (office)
253-973-0086 (cell)

Jerry Lee
City EEO Officer
253-591-5420 (office)


What policy number is "EEO/Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination"


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