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1006 who is responsible for maintaining this document?

Deputy Chief of Support Services or hislher designee


Who is responsible for Approving station specific t-shirts to be worn by TFD personnel?

Battalion Chiefs


Define Formal training?

Scheduled classes conducted at the TFD training center, other TFD classrooms, training provided by the City of Tacoma or any training conducted with outside fire departments, agencies, businesses, community groups, etc.


Define Informal training?

Training conducted at the company or battalion level including, but not necessarily limited to, Captains Training Teams and Company Conferences.


Define Routine internal business?

Includes, but is not necessarily limited to, travel to and from Fire Headquarters and travel between TFD stations, other City offices or


What time do you need to be in uniform by?

TFD uniformed personnel shall be dressed in Class B uniforms or TFD polo shirts, approved TFD t-shirts and/or TFD sweatshirts as appropriate, by 0730 hours while on duty.


Class A uniforms shall consist of?

a. Black uniform jacket and pants
b. White long or short sleeve uniform shirt
c. Tie
d. Metal badges, name tag and collar insignia


TFD Class A uniform nametags shall be positioned?

a. On the right side of thejacket chest
b. Centered midpoint between the right side of the jacket edge and overlapping left side lapel
c. Top of the name tag level with the top of the left chestjacket pocket


Class A hat colors?

a. Chief Officer: White hat with gold braid

b. Captain, Paramedic Supervisor, Deputy Fire Marshal, Lieutenant: Black hat with silver braid

c. FirefighterIParamedic,FirefighterIEMT: Black hat


Class B uniforms shall meet what requirements?

Class B uniforms shall meet the requirements set forth in the 1990 or 1994
editions of NFPA 1975.


When shall Class B uniforms be worn?

a. At public functions
b. During inspections
c. During formal training
d. For routine internal TFD business


Who can wear coveralls?

a. FirefighterIParamedicsonly after 2000 hours when working on a transport vehicle

b. Training and Safety personnel while actively engaged in drill ground activities.

c. Tech rescue personnel for specific events and training as appropriate

d. Fire Garage personnel


coveralls shall be provided by the department to who?

Tech rescue personnel.


How many polo shirts will FPB personnel be issued?

FPB personnel shall be issued two white or navy blue TFD polo shirts per year.


What policy number is Uniform and Clothing Standards?



Collar brass shall be mounted on the collar of the TFD Class A uniform jacket. Which consists of

a. Fire Chief: Gold with five bugles
b. Deputy Chief: Gold with four bugles
c. Assistant Chief: Gold with three bugles
d. Battalion Chief: Gold with two bugles
e. Captain, Paramedic Supervisor, Deputy Fire Marshal: Silver with two bugles
f. Lieutenant, Fire Inspector, LieutenantPararnedic: Silver with one bugle
g. FirefighterlParamedic: Caduceus
h. Fireboat Pilot: Boat Wheel
i. FirefighterIEMT: Bugle/ladder


Class A uniform jackets shall display rank stripes and years of service as

a. Fire Chief: 5 gold stripes
b. Deputy Chief: 4 gold stripes
c. Assistant Chief: 3 gold stripes
d. Battalion Chief: 2 gold stripes
e. Captain, Paramedic Supervisor, Deputy Fire Marshal: 2 silver stripes
f. Lieutenant: 1 silver stripe
g. Firefighter, FirefighterIPararnedic: 1 blue stripe
h. One maltese, gold, silver or blue depending on rank, for every 5 years of service


When directed by the Fire Chief, Class A uniform hats shall be

a. Worn on the head when outdoors

b. Held under the left arm, bill facing forward when entering a building

c. Placed on the lap or under the chair when seated


FPB personnel shall be issued

two white or navy blue TFD polo shirts per


Non-uniform employees may wear

TFD polo shirts, TFD issued or approved
station specific t-shirts and/or TFD sweatshirts while on duty andlor in
business situations when a casual look is acceptable.

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