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Explain what happened in the Schachter and Singer study in 1950s, where they injected people with adrenaline and then they went either into a party or an exam. What does it show ?

Injected with adrenaline, control group
With adrenaline: perceived party as way more fun, perceived test as way more stressful.

Shows that it is not just arousal that determined how people react, but also the environment.
We look to our body for feedback, and the brain will trigger based on what the body is feeling- if HR increased, we think "this must be a fun party"


What is Lazarus and Folkman's Stress Appraisal Model ?

When exposed to an event:

- Primary Appraisal
irrelevant, benign or positive, stressful

- Secondary Appraisal
coping possibilities, control


What are the 5 moderators of stress appraisal ?

1) coping style
2) locus of control
3) personality
4) social support
5) beliefs


What are the two coping styles used by Lazarus and Folkman ?

problem-focused and emotion-focused


What is problem-focused coping ?

Used in situations perceived to be controllable
to help figure out a solution.

eg planning, problem solving
eg cancelling plans to study for a test


What is emotion-focused coping ?

not how you solve the problem, more about emotional support.
used in situations where the situation is perceived as uncontrollable

eg emotional social support

eg avoidance (denial, drug use)


what is an issue with emotion-focused coping ?

can lead to avoidance


which coping mechanism is better, problem- or emotion-focused ?

both can be good, it depends.


in a catastrophic diagnostic, which coping mechanism is better ?

avoidance can be good while brain gets used to the idea
then you go to problem-focused


it has been argued that coping mechanisms should come in what order ?

then problem


is it better to have an internal or external locus of control ?



what are the three categories of psychological responses to stress ?

emotional, cognitive, behavioral


what are the three categories of psychological consequences to stress ?

personal, interpersonal, performance


taking into account the human performance curve, what can you say about the amount of stress we should have ?

(looks like a hill)
we need a bit of stress, an optimal amount