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What policy number is Newborn Drop-off at Fire Stations

3525 ems operations


The Medical Services Officer for Operations shall be responsible for

1. Receiving and properly managing completed Parent Information forms in
accordance with the guidelines set forth in this document
2. Providing additional Newborn Transfer posters to stations as requested


Appropriate location

The emergency department of a hospital licensed under chapter 70.41 RCW during the hours the hospital is in operation; or a fire station during its hours of operation and while fire personnel are present; or a federally
designated rural health clinic during its hours of operation.



A live human being who is less than seventy-two hours old.


In accordance with RCW 13.34.260

a. TFD stations shall serve as appropriate locations to which a parent may transfer the care of a newborn in lieu of leaving that newborn in an unsafe situation or location
b. TFD uniform personnel shall serve as qualified persons to receive and care for newborns dropped off at fire stations


TFD personnel are immune from any criminal or civil liability for

accepting or receiving a newborn under the above circumstances.


If the newborn appears to have been intentionally harmed TFD personnel

a. Discreetly notify law enforcement personnel immediately
b. Follow Pierce County Patient Care Protocols for abused children
c. Transport the newborn to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital


If the scene is not secure or if the child is clearly older than 72 hours, TFD
personnel shall

contact law enforcement immediately.


The Parent Information Packet includes

a. Resource Information including, but not limited to --
i. Adoption options
ii. Counseling options
iii. Appropriate medical and emotional aftercare services
iv. Domestic violence resources
v. Legal rights of the parents
b. “Descriptions and Characteristics of Birth Family” form
c. “Parent’s Message to the Newborn” form


The Fire Department Information Packet includes

a. “Receipt of Transfer” form
b. Patient Information Form A


Upon receiving new born, TFD personnel shall immediately

a. Complete the “Receipt of Transfer” form and give it to the person dropping off the newborn before s/he leaves the station
b. Provide the person dropping off the newborn with the Parent Information packet
c. Interview the person dropping off the newborn using Patient
Information Form A to obtain as much prenatal/birth/medical history as possible


If a person attempts to return completed Parent Information forms to a fire
station, TFD personnel shall accept the forms and

route them as PHI to the Medical Services Officer for Operations at TFD Headquarters.


Upon receipt of the completed Parent Information forms, the Medical
Services Officer for Operations shall

a. Make copies and attach them to the newborn’s EMIR
b. Mail the original forms to:
Newborn Safety
Adoptions Program Manager
Children’s Administration Headquarters
Department of Social and Health Services
P.O. Box 45710
Olympia, WA 98504-5710


Who is responsible for maintaining this document.

The Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services

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