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responsible for:
1. Ensuring all precautions are taken to protect the health and safety of
personnel operating at emergency scenes or participating in training exercises
2. Maintaining this document in consultation with the TFD Medical Advisor as appropriate

The Administrative Battalion Chief, Safety Division


The Incident Safety Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that

1. Battalion Chief vehicles are stocked with fresh water
2. The established Rehab area is fully operational
3. CO monitors are calibrated semi-annually


Indicators of Exhaustion or Overheating

Symptoms exhibited by an individual
that include, but may not be limited to:
• Red face
• Excessive perspiration
• Pulse over 110
• Systolic blood pressure above 150 or below 110


Personnel who are transported to a medical facility for treatment shall:

a. Be relieved of duty for the remainder of his/her shift
b. Call the Battalion Sick recorder to report the absence before the end of his/her duty period
c. Obtain a Medical Fitness Report recommending return to duty and signed by the treating physician
d. Complete a Supervisor’s Report of Injury (HRE 703)
e. Route completed reports to Fire Headquarters through his/her supervisor


The Incident Commander and/or Incident Safety Officer shall assign to Rehab any firefighters who meet any one of the following:

a. S/he is exhibiting signs or symptoms of physical and/or mental fatigue
b. S/he has expended two (2) full 30 minute rated SCBA cylinders in succession
c. S/he has spent 45 minutes doing physical work


The duration of rehab shall be not less than

ten (10) minutes.


TFD personnel with an initial temperature above normal but below 100.5
degrees Fahrenheit shall

increase his/her rest time beyond the ten-minute minimum as instructed by ALS personnel.


TFD personnel with a core temperature of 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit or above as measured by a tympanic thermometer shall

not engage in any physical activity until his/her core temperature returns to normal.


TFD personnel whose core temperature does not return to normal after 30
minutes of rest and fluid replacement shall

not engage in any physical activity for 24 hours.


The Incident Commander may, at his/her discretion, provide food at the scene if

personnel are engaged in strenuous activities or operations for 3 hours or longer


While participating in an emergency incident or training exercise, TFD
personnel shall Drink at least

one quart of water per hour


Rehab Manager also shall Document the following information as it becomes available

i. Arrival time at Rehab
ii. Name of each crew member
iii. Medical status of each crew member
iv. Time each crew member becomes available for re-assignment


When using co monitor Suspect CO poisoning for any reading over

72 ppm or >12% COHb


What policy number is
Rehab at Emergency Incidents and Training Exercises


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