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Who is responsible for
1. Maintain this policy document.
2. Be responsible for ensuring that the Safety Division provides timely orientation on workplace safety to all new recruits as they begin their
employment at the Training Center.

The TFD Safety Officer or TFD Safety Officer designee


Who is responsible for ensuring that all other TFD personnel (e.g.; administrative staff and Information Services staff), including rehires and employees returning from an
extended leave of absence, receive timely orientation on workplace safety.

The TFD Deputy Chief of Administration or his/her designee


TFD company officers who receive a probationary employee shall

be responsible for covering all information contained on the Safety Orientation Checklist.


The safety orientation for the individuals noted above will begin on

the first day of employment in their new position.


The individual providing the orientation and the new employee receiving the
orientation both must

sign the checklist when it is complete.


What policy number is
New Employee Safety Orientation


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