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Who shall maintain this document

Deputy Chief of Prevention and Education


The Fire Garage Supervisor shall be responsible for

1. Securely maintain the departmental inventory of all Knox keys and equipment.

2. Ensure that all broken and replacement keys are accounted for.


The administrative support staff at TFD Headquarters shall:

1. Refer customers to the Knox Box toll free number and/or website.

2. Coordinate with companies to assist with Knox Box installation.

3. Maintain the official correspondence file with the Knox Company.


D-10 Supra Keys

Key Box system used in District 10 and the City of Fife.


Vehicle key assignments are as follows:

a. Tacoma Knox keys: all engine and truck companies, all medic units, 181, 182, Prevention (1 key), Training (1 key) and Fife Police Department.

b. D-10 Supra keys: Engines 3, 11, 12, 15, 18

a. Fircrest Knox Keys: Engines 7, 9, 16, 17


The following shall occur during annual inspections

a. Customer Knox Boxes shall be opened to verify customer keys are
still there and open the location.
b. Electric gates shall be activated.
c. The key tumbler shall be lubed.


Missing keys shall be reported immediately to all of the following:

a. Battalion Chief
b. Fire Garage Supervisor
c. Deputy Chief of Prevention and Education


If it is still not found, the officer in charge of the unit shall make a written
report (IDC) to the Deputy Chief of Prevention that includes:

a. Time and location the key was last seen

b. Person who last had the key in his/her

c. Detailed account of efforts to find the missing key


Only the following TFD personnel are authorized to order and purchase
Knox equipment such as keys and key holders.

a. Fire Chief
b. Deputy Chief of Prevention and Education
c. Deputy Chief of Operations
d. Assistant Chief of Prevention and Education


The assigned fire officer shall record the new install or removal of a Knox
Box or gate switch in



What policy number is
Knox Box Equipment

Prevention and Education

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