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Who shall be responsible for:
Maintaining this document.

The Assistant Chief of Training



A supplemental document required to explain a less than satisfactory
evaluation of a probationary employee’s performance.


Engine and Ladder Company Practical Evaluations

Evaluation that occurs after a probationary firefighter has completed 20 to 26 shifts on a specific company assignment for the purpose of measuring knowledge, skills, abilities, proficiency
and effectiveness in operating the apparatus, including all tools, appliances, equipment and inventory therein, as well as overall understanding of TFD operations.


Written examinations

Examinations administered to probationary firefighters at approximately six (6) months and eleven (11) months into their probationary period and at other times as assigned.


evaluations of probationary firefighters shall be conducted by TFD supervisory personnel and documented on



A probationary firefighter’s performance shall be considered below TFD
performance standards if the individual receives

two (2) consecutive overall “N” grades OR one (1) overall “U” grade for the payperiod.


Probationary personnel shall request a probationary project from the
Training Division, if applicable, within

7 days of promotion.


Extended absences by Battalion Chiefs require arrangements to be made to
ensure timely evaluations of probationary firefighters and completion of required paperwork

a. Provide second level evaluation on FIR 861
b. Forward completed FIR 861 to Assistant Chief of Training no later
than the next shift following the end of each pay period.


Probationary Firefighter/Paramedic Daily Evaluation Form

(FIR 6091-0001)


Forward at the end of the pay period all evaluations completed during that
pay period to

the Medical Services Officer.


Supervisors of Probationary Fire Officers (Prevention)
Witness at least

3 fire investigations to ensure that the probationary fire officer:
a. Understands and can follow basic fire investigation processes
b. Can identify area of origin and cause for non-complex fires.


Supervisors of Probationary Fire Officers (Prevention)
Deputy Fire Marshals charged with this responsibility shall

Witness as least one building inspection of each occupancy type by the
probationary fire officer in which s/he demonstrates competence in:
a. Recognizing complex fire code violations
b. Verbal communication relative to informing the business
representative of:
i. Code violation(s)
ii. Hazards that exist due to code violations
iii. Options for correcting the violations


Supervisors of Probationary Fire Officers (Prevention)
Deputy Fire Marshals charged with this responsibility shall

8. Witness at least one public education class taught by the probationary fire
officer during his/her probationary period.
9. Witness at least one customer complaint follow-up requiring problem resolution.
10. Review at least 3 complete investigation reports written by the probationary fire officer during his/her probation.
11. Review at least 5 BITS inspection reports completed by the probationary fire officer during his/her probation.


Supervisors of Probationary Lieutenant Dispatchers (FCC)
The Fire Communications Center Captain shall:

Dispatching in one minute or less the appropriate companies reported necessary to handle the incident


For Operations Fire Officers the Assistant Chief of Training shall

1. Assign probationary projects for probationary employees, as required.
2. Monitor progress and ensure completion of probationary projects as assigned.
3. Assist and advise supervisors on performance of probationary fire officers to ensure TFD standards are being met.


What policy number is
Probationary Employee Oversight


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