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Class E & J Alarms

One Engine OR one Ladder Company with a Battalion Chief will be assigned to all Class"E" alarms citywide, on a 24 hour basis.

Engines = Odd Months
Ladders = Even Months

One Engine OR one Ladder Company with a Battalion Chief shall be assigned to hotel occupancies (Class "J" Alarms) from 0700 hours through 1900 hours citywide.

From 1900 to 0700 hours, units will be assigned to Class ā€Jā€ alarms as per box assignments.



On arrival at a Class "E" or "J" alarm, the officer shall enter building with all firefighters except the chauffeur, who shall remain in the apparatus to monitor both the Department radio and handie-talkie for additional information. The chauffeur shall also relay information between the officer and the dispatcher.

Members entering the building shall be equipped with their personal protective equipment and SCBA. Ladder companies shall bring their usual compliment of tools. Engine companies shall bring forcible entry tools into lobby. At this time no rolled up lengths of hose will be required.

If the alarm panel does reset, the officer shall remain approximately two to three minutes to assure that the reset holds.

If it doesn't reset:

In addition to the member remaining in the apparatus, the officer shall leave an additional member of the engine or ladder company in the lobby. If the officer intends to use an elevator for an alarm activation above the 7th floor, the officer shall enter the elevator with the remaining members.

x Officer and the remaining member(s) investigate while one firefighter remains with elevator.

Fire or Smoke: Transmit Box or 10-76

Engine company officer shall return to lobby with firefighters and secure the necessary hose and equipment in preparation to operate as per High-Rise Procedures.

Unless there will be an undue delay in the arrival of additional units, the engine company shall remain in the lobby and await arrival of a ladder company.

Ladder company personnel need not return to the lobby since they have their normal compliment of tools with them.

The ladder company officer shall return the elevator car in use to the lobby with a firefighter in preparation to transport incoming members to the upper floors.



All other personnel observing a marked FDNY apparatus/vehicle or voluntary hospital ambulance that is part of the 911 system that does not have a vehicle security decal shall contact the appropriate borough dispatcher and report the number, type and the location of the vehicle after requesting a mixer-off message.

NOTE: Personnel shall not approach the apparatus/vehicle.

If a decal on fire apparatus becomes damaged, the apparatus shall remain in-service while awaiting a replacement decal from Fleet Services.

All remnants of damaged decals shall be recovered and preserved.

The Company Officer shall make immediate notification to Fleet Services at (718) 784-6502 to obtain a replacement decal.

The notification and all pertinent information shall be recorded in the Company Journal and a letterhead report to the Assistant Commissioner of Fleet Services/Technical Services documenting all information forwarded through the chain of command. A copy of the letterhead as well as the remains of the decal will be forwarded to the Bureau of Fire Investigation, 9 Metrotech Center, 8th Floor.