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The following listed tactics are of such importance to fire control efforts that the decision to implement them is reserved for the engine officer alone.

x Calling for water (charging the line).
x Opening the nozzle.
x Initial stream direction (at ceiling, seat of fire etc.).
x Direction of team advance.
x Initiating line advance.
x Stopping line advance.
x Stream shut down.
x When adequate “knock down” has been achieved.
x Use of stream for cooling.
x Use of fog for attack.
x Use of fog or broken stream for venting.
x Amount of water used.
x Assignment of engine firefighter for venting or search.
x Relief of nozzle team.

Need for relief of the unit.

Necessity to back the hoseline out.


Which engine company has the ultimate responsibility of supplying the sprinkler system at a cellar or sub-cellar fire in a mill loft building?

A: The first engine company

B: The second engine company

C: The third engine company

D: The fourth engine company

B: The second engine company


A. If staffing and conditions permit. Lofts 6.2.1 A

B. If the first engine has not supplied it, a supply line SHALL be stretched to feed this system. 6.2.1

C. The third due engine ENSURES the sprinkler is supplied for a lower floor fire. 6.2.2 C 2


Decisions that may be delegated by the engine officer to the nozzle team include:


D Direction of stream.
R Rate of advancement.
O Opening nozzle in an emergency.
P Partial shut down of nozzle to reduce nozzle reaction and regain control.
Call Calling for more line.
Sweep Sweeping floors with stream.


When performing the "hose test," a water soluble marker is used to mark and draw a line around the circumference of the hose as close as possible to the male butt at each coupling. A movement of ____ or more during the pressure test would indicate the male butt and hose are separating. If this happens, place the length OOS.

A: 3/8 inch

B: 1/4 inch

C: 1/8 inch

D: 1/2 inch

C: 1/8 inch

Eng Ops 7 7.14 C 11


Red Air Cock Hydrants are on ____ diameter or greater mains in strategic locations (high and low points). They allow Water Department repair crews to bleed off air when repairs are completed. These hydrants are painted red and are _______ sources of water for fire department use.
A: 10 inch; poor

B: 12 inch; excellent

C: 24 inch; poor

D: 30 inch; excellent

D: 30 inch; excellent

Eng Ops 6.7.2