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The stability of a sloping truss roof deck depends on

The number of purlins running perpendicular to the trusses and on the truss spacing.


According to Vicncent Dunn, which type one of the following is considered to be the safest type of fire escape?

A: Exterior Screened

B: Standard fire escape

C: Counterbalanced stairway

D: Party balcony

A: Exterior Screened

A. It is also wide enough for 2 people to walk down side by side and extends from the street to the top floor. Dunn Chapter 14


A roof ladder will protect firefighters from a roof deck collapse, but will not protect firefighters from a roof rafter collapse.

Only standing and operating from an aerial ladder or aerial platform can protect a firefighter from a rafter collapse.


A truss roof concealed by a ceiling is much more dangerous to firefighters than a truss roof without a ceiling.

Firefighting strategy for timber trusses concealed by a ceiling

When a fire extends to a timber truss attic space, prepare for a defensive outside attack and protect exposures. Order all firefighters above and below the burning timber truss attic space out of the building.


According to Dunn, an interstitial space, also known as a plenum space, is a concealed space between floors used to contain large mechanical & electrical equipment. It may contain a walkway for access for maintenance, repairs and renovations. These spaces may be up to ___ feet tall.
A: 8

B: 10

C: 12

D: 14

A: 8

Dunn Chapter 1


Firefighting strategy for timber trusses not concealed by a ceiling:

The first arriving engine Company at a timber truss roof building without a ceiling should be ordered to attack the fire directly with a large diameter hose line. A powerful water stream, Capable of reaching distances of 50 feet, will be needed. This first hoseline should attack the main body of fire. If the first hose stream does not control the flames__________________________________________, and it appears the fire will increase, interior firefighting should be discontinued and firefighters withdrawn.

Within the first few seconds of water discharge