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academic achievement

There are few gender differences in _____ _______, and research has not supported the idea that learning style significantly influences students' potential for success.


socioeconomic status

Self-confidence can affect success, but potential is most influenced by _______ _______, especially its relation to nutrition and early environmental resources.



This statement reflects a high level of ________ maturity: There are many solutions to every problem; I will choose a solution based on my personal beliefs and values.


creates a mismatch between the knowledge students acquire at home and the knowledge valued in school.

Courses of study and textbooks used in public schools in the United States are generally reflective of the experiences of middle-class European American students. This situation can place students from minority cultural backgrounds at educational risk because it


Emotional/Behavioral Disability

A student who exhibits a pattern of inappropriate interpersonal relationships frequently enough to interfere with the learning process may be eligible for special education services under which area of exceptionality?


No Child Left Behind

is legislation related to accountability


The Civil Rights Act and Title IX

The ____ _____ Act and Title ____ relate more to discrimination based on group membership rather than individual disability.


IDEA: Individuals with Disability Education Act

What legislation supports the inclusion of a student with a motor disability in a regular education physical education class?


affects two or more academic areas.

In order to be eligible for special education and related services under the exceptionality of cognitive disability, a student must exhibit subaverage intellectual functioning that


cognitive or intellectual disability

Mental retardation, also called _____ or ______ disability, is defined in part as subaverage intellectual functioning that adversely affects educational performance.


Section 504 is intended to prevent discrimination based on offerings for students with disabilities.

The primary difference between the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is that only


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

provides schools with regulations for addressing the needs of students with disabilities with respect to size and placement of water fountains, bathroom facilities, seating, and tables.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The _________ provides regulations regarding size and placement of fountains, bathrooms, seating, and tables. This is a general act related to more than just education; other legislation addresses the other responses.


determining the services that will be provided to a student with special needs.

A regular education teacher who is a member of a student's individualized education program (IEP) does not have the responsibility of ________.....


The student does not appear to qualify for an IEP or a Section 504 plan, and the speech therapist cannot determine classroom accommodations.

A student has a mild hearing loss that does not affect any of his major life activities. Any classroom accommodation for this student would be determined by


excuse students from participating in activities they find challenging.

A teacher should consider all of the following accommodations to meet the needs of diverse learners should never .....


By placing ELL students near others who like them, will converse with them, and can help scaffold them, the teacher can encourage English language skills.

What accommodation could a teacher use to support the language development of an English language learner?


adjusting to new situations; they tend to be flexible and open to new opportunities, as well as socially skilled.

Children who are academically gifted generally do NOT have difficulty (list three things)



Students _______ behaviors that they see modeled by trusted and respected adults.



Teachers who are ________, with a desire to learn, inspire their students to exhibit those same qualities



Peer _______ is another useful tool for teachers --- in the classroom, students witnessing a similar peer successfully performing a task often feel that they too are capable of performing the task.