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What is the MOA of acetaminophen?

Central anti-prostaglandin effect (very LITTLE peripheral nerve activity):
-pain reduced via blockade of: NMDA receptor activation in CNS; AND Substance P in the SC!


What is the class of acetaminophen?

Non-opioid Analgesic


What does Acetaminophen LACK, which is why it is NOT a true NSAID? This makes it a good choice for?

lacks peripheral activity- weak anti-inflammatory action
Good choice for :
-Pediatric patients
-Pts who need well fxning platelets
-Preggers safe


Tell me about the potency of acetaminophen w/r/t ASA

Similar potency as ASA (in single analgesic doses, has same time-effect curve)


What is the dose of acetaminophen?

325-650mg Q4-6 hours


Howis acetaminophen metabolized?

conjugated and hydroxylated to inactive metabolites; very little excreted unchanged by the kidneys


What is the IV dose of acetaminophen?

1000mg IV (or 1gram) over 15min Q4-6 hours


What is the max dose IV of acetaminophen?

4 grams! can get liver and kidney damage


What is a major side effect of acetaminophen and renal?

renal toxicity:
-renal papillary accumulation of metabolites can cause renal cell necrosis
-may be a development of ESRD
-but NSAIDS are higher risk of renal tox!


What can overdose of acetaminophen cause?

serious or fatal HEPATIC INJURY
-liver can only metabolize a limited amt of the hapatotoxic metabolite N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone with Glutathione
-when glutathione outnumbered by OD of acetaminophen hepatic injury occurs
-safe dose EVEN LOWER in ETOH
-increased tox with Isoniazid


What medication can you give in an overdose of acetaminophen? What are the time constraints?

-Acetylcysteine can substitute for glutathione and prevent hepatic injury if given within 8 hours of OD