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What are the trade names for Fospropofol?

Aquavan, Lusedra


What is Fospropofol approved for?

MAC sedation


What is Fospropofol? (ie. how does it work?)

-H2O soluble prodrug of propofol (eliminates the need for lipid formulation- responsible for the risk of pain on injection, infection, hypertriglycerides, PE)


How is Fospropofol metabolized?

Hydrolyzed after injection to propofol via endothelial cell alkaline phosphatases


What are the advantages of Fospropofol?

-avoiding lipid formulation related complications
-if using low doses less episodes of apnea (slower onset of peak effect)


What are the disadvantages to Fospropofol?

-SLOWER peak effect, LONGER duration; may be more difficult to titrate (b/c different metabolism variability)
-Short period of tachycardia
-transient paresthesias and pruritis


Why is Fospropofol hard to titrate?

Delayed time to peak effect- increases the difficulty of titrating a drug with a steep response curve and narrow margin of safety


What type of metabolism does Fospropofol go through?

Non-linear metabolism to active drug:
-the higher the dose the more hydrolyzed
-the lower the dose the less hydrolyzed (less of the active metabolite propofol released)


Compared with propofol, Fospropofol is:

-more potent
-higher Vd (because it is more lipid soluble once in the body)