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What is the trade name of Sodium Citrate?



What is the formal drug classification of Sodium Citrate?

nonparticulate antacid


What are the clinical uses for Sodium Citrate?

-systemic alkalizer and nonparticulate neutralizing buffer given before surgery to increase the pH of gastric fluid
-also used to maintain systemic urine alkalinity and to improve the chronic metabolic acidosis found in the syndrome of renal tubular acidosis or chronic renal insufficiency


What is the MOA of Sodium Citrate?

-Sodium citrate has a pH of 8.4 and works through direct neutralization of gastric pH
-also metabolized to sodium bicarbonate in the body, raising systemic as well as gastric pH
-this increased gastric pH is presumed to decrease the severity of aspiration pneumonitis should the high risk non-fasted patient aspirate gastric fluid


What is the onset of action for sodium citrate?

effective within 15-20 minutes


What is the metabolism of sodium citrate?

almost completely oxidized


How is sodium citrate eliminated?

less than 5% is excreted unchanged in the urine


What are the side effects of Sodium Citrate?

-unpleasant taste related to the pH and can cause N/V
-Will increase gastric Volume
-may decrease gastric emptying
-in an immobile patient, complete mixing with all gastric contents may not occur


what are the contraindications to sodium citrate?

NOT recommended for patients on a low sodium diet or with severe renal impairment


What are the drug interactions with Sodium Citrate?

Should not be given with Aluminum-containing Antacids


What is the dosage for Sodium Citrate?

30mL of 0.3M sodium citrate PO given 15-30 min before induction
For systemic alkalization, 10-30mL PO after meals and at bedtime


What may result in overdose of Sodium Citrate?

N/V/D, excessive mental activity or imagination, convulsions