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What is behaviour modification?

applied science and professional practise concerned with analysing and modifying overt and covert behaviour


What does analysing involve in behaviour mod.?

identifying functional r/ships between environmental events and a particular behaviour to understand the reasons for the behaviour or to determine why a person behaved as he/she did


What does modifying involve in behaviour mod.?

developing and implementing procedures to help people change their behaviour (altering environmental events)


What are some of the characteristics of behaviour modification?

emphasis on current environmental events, precise description of target behaviour and procedures, measurement of behaviour change, de-emphasis on past, rejection of hypertheticals, behavioural principles, guided by theory


Who created the foundation for behaviour modification?

BF Skinner


What are the three branches of behavioural analysis?

behaviourism, experimental behavioural analysis, applied behaviour analysis


What are the 7 dimensions of applied behaviour analysis?

applied, behavioural, analytic, technological, conceptually systematic, effective, generalisability