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Cells with a large nucleus and clearing in a PAP smear are associated with what disease?

Koilocytes (Cells with large nuclei and perinuclear clearing) are associated with HPV infection. Look for them on a pap smear.


What does an S3 in an older person indicate?

Left Ventricular Failure


How is incidence defined?

Incidence is the number of new cases in a given time period divided by the number of people at risk.


TNF-alpha is NOT an enzyme.

Just know it!


How do you prevent neonatal tetanus?

Vaccinate the mother.


Aldosterone is produced in the outer adrenal cortex. What can excess aldosterone secretion cause?

Excess aldosterone can cause parathesias and muscle weakness (due to decreased potassium and bicarbonate)


What bug causes secondary achalasia and megacolon?

T. cruzi (riduviid bug) causes these symptoms


What effect does demyelinization have on the length constant?

The length constant is decreased, because it is a measure of the length a signal will travel before degrading 50%


How do the testicles inhibit FSH secretion?

The testicles inhibit FSH secretion by producing and secreting Inhibin B from the sertoli cells


What effect do decreased normal flora in the vagina have on the risk of vaginal candidiasis?

Decreased native flora increases the likelihood of an overgrowth of candida


What condition does decreased oxidative phosphorylation during exercise lead to?

Lactic Acidosis is caused by increased anaerobic respiration.


A patient suffering a stroke may be more susceptible to which lung condition?

Aspiration pneumonia is more common in those who suffered a stoke because of paralysis of the esophagus.


There is no vaccine against NON-Typical H. flu.



How is digoxin cleared? What does this mean for the elderly?

Digoxin is renally cleared, so a dose adjustment is required in the elderly.


Where are the optic tracts located relative to the optic chiasm?

The optic tracts are located posteriorly from the optic chiasm.


What role does erythromycin play in the metabolism of statins?

Erythromycin is a blocker of CYP3A4 and therefore can inhibit the metabolism of statins.