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How do you diagnose narcolepsy using the CSF?

Look for a hypocretin-1 deficiency in the CSF to diagnose narcolepsy.


Define PPV?



Which illicit drug is most likely to result in you getting your head bashed in (violence)?

PCP is the drug most commonly associated with trauma and violence.


In a child with Angelman's syndrome, what molecule might have played a role in its development?

SAMe is thought to play a role in imprinting


What is PECAM-1 associated with?

Platelet transmigration


If you find an isolated alk. phos elevation what is a good follow-up test?

GGT is a good follow-up test for an elevated Alk. Phos


Which cells are responsible for collagen deposition in atherosclerotic plaques?

Endothelial smooth muscle cells, not fibroblasts, are responsible for collagen deposition in atherosclerotic plaques


What diseases is pulsus paradoxus associated with?

Pericardial disease and cardiac tamponade


If someone has an imperforate anus then what other problem should you be looking for?

Imperforate anus is associated with urinary tract defects as well.


What nerve is optic neuritis associated with? Why?

Optic neuritis is associated with the optic nerve because that is the only cranial nerve that is myelinated by oligodendrocytes


How can paraneoplastic syndromes affect the brain?

Paraneoplastic syndromes are frequently autoimmune and can cause degeneration of the cells in the brain and brainstem


What is crucial if you choose to manage a patient's hyperthyroidism with medications?

Patients who's hyperthyroidism is managed with medication need a work-up in the case of a fever even if it appears mild. Agranulocytosis is not uncommon here.


What type of hyperaldosteronism results in a high renin AND a high aldosterone

Secondary hyperaldosteronism results in a high aldosterone and a high renin. This can be associated with a renin secreting tumor of the kidney.


Vit. B6 can help in some cases of homocysteinuria which can present with subluxation and multiple infarcts.

Don't forget it!


What is PRPP associated with?



What is the main cause of inflammation in Gout?

Neutrophils are the main source of inflammation in gout. Allopurinol blocks their chemotaxis.


Which phase of the cardiac cycle corresponds to the QRS complex?

Phase 0, not phase 2, corresponds to the QRS phase of the cardiac cycle.


What infection should be associated with the term "germ tubes"

Candida infections should be associated with the term "Germ Tubes"


Which infectious agent is soluble in bile?

Strep. pneumo is soluble in bile salts.


How does resistance arise to nafcillin?

While nafcillin is resistant to penicillinases, resistance can still arise through altered binding proteins


What is mood reactivity a symptom of?

Mood reactivity is a symptom of atypical depression


What is the best initial treatment in someone who is acutely overdosing on warfarin?

FFP is the best initial treatment for someone who is acutely overdosing on warfarin


Which nerve innervates the foot?

Peroneal nerve


Which anticoagulant blocks the PT component of the clotting cascade.

Warfarin, unlike the other main line anticoagulants, blocks the PT pathway instead of the PTT pathway


What is the first step of Paget's disease of the bone?

The first step in paget's disease of the bone is osceoclastic breakdown.


If a pt. with PCOS wants to become pregnant then what should she be treated with?

clomiphene is a good choice in women with PCOS who desire to become pregnant.


Vit. B6 shouldn't be taken with levodopa. Why?

Vit. B6 can increase the metabolism of levodopa


What does a high pressure gradient between the left ventricle and the aorta indicate?

A high pressure differential from the left ventricle to the aorta indicates aortic stenosis.


Which form of insulin is indicated in those experiencing DKA?

Regular insulin is indicated, not short acting lispro.