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Identify the following salivary glands

blue - parotid

orange - mandibular

red - sublingual

brown - zygomatic

purple - molar


How do salivary mucocoeles form?

Possibly minor trauma leading to disruption of the salivary glands/ducts which leads to leakage of saliva into the surrounging tissues. 


What is a ranula?

A mucocoele that forms under the tongue


Why is it important to take plain radiographs prior to a contrast radiograph study?

To ensure correct exposures have been selected and that no artefacts are present that could be confused with a finding in a contrast study.


Where do large FBs often get stuck?

The thoracic inlet, heart base and caudal oesophagus


When would a FB be pushed into the stomach?

When trapped in the caudal oesophagus.


Describe oesophageal healing?

Healing is poor.

No serosa

Segmental blood supply

Constant motion (swallowing & breathing)

Lack of omentum

Tension at the surgical site


What is a vascular ring anomaly?

Where a congenital heart defect causes pressure on the oesophagus.


What is the correct treatment for a vascular ring anomaly?

Surgical correction of the portion of the oesophagus that has been trapped/compressed.


What is the most commone vascular ring anomaly?

Persistant right aortic arch. right aortic arch forms the aorta instead of the left one and ligamentum arteriosum crossed the midline from the left aortic arch and encircles the trachea and oesophagus.


How is persistant aortic arch treated surgically, include pre-op care?

Pre op - slurry diet, feed from height and keep animal upright for 20 mins post feeding. May need to treat for aspiration pneumonia.


Op- Divide the vascular ring (ligamentum arteriosum), transect perioesophagel fibrous bands, dilate oesophagus


Why is oropharyngeal stick injury bad in dogs?

Chasing behavior leads to extension of the neck meanins deep injuries are likely.


Why is septic mediastinus likely when a dog has an oropharyngeal stick injury?

Cervical tissue is continous with structures in the cranial mediastinum so infection can track back up the tract very easily.


When is euthanasia the best course of action when an animal has megaoesophagus?

When weight loss is severe and isn't rectified with management. Or if the dog suffers repeated bouts of aspiration pneumonia.