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How can one tell if a foal is not nursing?

Observe the foal
Check mares udder - udder would become full if not
Milk on the foals face


Why is it important to sample IgG levels of sick foals?

Sick foals tend to use their IgG up quicker so may benefit from IgG supplementation


If a foal is older than 24 hrs, what is the best way to ensure adequate colostrum and why?

Give plasma. The foal is too old to absorb the IgG through colostrum, although it may have a GI protective effect.


What should be done straight away in horses with acute diarrhoea?

They should be placed in isolation for work up as they should be considered infectious.


Which veins can be used for placement of IV catheters in horses?

Jugular vein. Cephalic and lateral thoracic veins can also be used


How is a fluid plan for a horse assessed?

Mainly through estimation. >12% dehydration is close to death and <5% is unlikely to be seen clinically. Maintenance = 2-4ml/kg/hr so correct the deficit, maintain and estimate for ongoing losses


What GI disease in horses is associated with NSAID toxicity?

Right dorsal colitis


If a faecal sample comes back as negative for salmonella does this rule out salmonella? What is the next thing to do?

No as salmonella is shed intermittently in the faeces and is difficult to culture. Need to have 3-5 samples as negative to rule it out


What causes peripheral oedema in horse with diarrhoea?

Protein losng enteropaths causes fluid to third space