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Canada's most important wine regions are located in which two provinces?

Ontario (east)

British Columbia (west)


What is the climate throughout most of Canada's wine regions?

Continental - can be harsh due to northerly latitude, but large bodies of water help moderate it.


Because Canada can experience sub-freezing temps for extended periods, what style of wine is well suited for this climate?



What is the appellation system for Canada?

The Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA)


The Ontario and British Columbia provinces are divided into smaller areas, called ___, which are then broken down into regional appellations and then sub-appellations.

DVAs (Designated Viticultural Areas)


Each province -- Ontario and British Columbia -- has to use ___% grapes grown solely in their province.

100% from the province

The wine can also only be made from 100% V. vinifera varieties or approved hybrids.


What is the most important DVA of Ontario?

Niagara Peninsula



Niagara Peninsula is on the southern shore of Lake ___.



Discuss two ways Lake Ontario helps the Ontario region from a viticulture standpoint.

Lakes cool down and heat up more slowly than land, so:

  1. In autumn, Lake Ontario gives off warmth it stored over the summer, thereby extending the growing season and helping grapes fully ripen;
  2. In spring, Lake Ontario delays budburst, minimizing frost damage.


What two grape varieties often form the base for Canadian Icewines?

Riesling and Vidal Blanc

Although many producers are using Cabernet Franc to make red icewine as well.


Which is the most important of the 5 DVAs of British Columbia?

Okanagan Valley


The Okanagan Valley DVA is influenced by what climatic feature?

It's in the rain shadow of the Cascade mountain range, creating a semi-desert environment.