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Lactose Tolerance

Test deficiency of lactase in small bowel by ingesting lactose and measuring blood glucose


Xylose Absorption

Xylose is absorbed and secreted into urine without the need of pancreatic enzymes, distinguishing intestinal from pancreatic malabsorption


Lactic Acid/Lactate

Indicates Oxygen deprivation, produced instead of Pyruvate at the end of glucose metabolism
Changes in lactate blood levels precede changes in pH
Lactate is metabolized by the Liver via gluconeogenesis
Testing requires the sample to have glycolysis decreased and serum separated, refrigeration helps


Lactate Clinical Significance

Type A lactic acidosis: from depressed oxygen levels during periods of stress (ie MI)
Type B lactic acidosis: From metabolic processes occurring in Diabetes Mellitus, Renal problems, Liver disease, and toxin ingestion
Specimen should be obtained without using a tourniquet as sitting in the vein will increase lactate levels