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ALP functions in body, Isoenzyme/Isoform

Catalyzes the transphorylation of a wide variety of synthetic substrates (removes phosphate groups from ortho-phosphoric bonds).
Bone, liver, kidney, intestine and placenta major sources of ALP
Isoenzyme gene coded.
Isoform, altered form of enzyme due to posttranslational modification (glycation, siliac acid etc)


ALP Ranges, Interferences

RI for total: 30-90 IU/L serum
RI for bone fraction: 7 - 30 IU/L serum
Interferences: hemolysis (6xRBC), diet, and stability


ALP Measurement Methods

p-Nitrophenyl phosphate to p-Nitrophenol colorless to yellow (405nm)
ALP fractionated by electrophoresis, HLPC and heat stability