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UA Ranges

male = 3.5 - 7.2mg/dL
female = 2.6 - 6.0 mg/dL


Causes of Hyperuricemia

“Essential”: overproduction or underexcretion
Renal retention
Increased turnover of nucleic acids: myeloproliferative syndromes or chemotherapy
Specific enzyme defects


Treatment to Reduce Serum UA Levels

- Stop alcohol consumption.
- Replace thiazine with another antihypertensive drug.
- Use purine restricted diet (bland tasting and poor response)
- Lower body weight


Treatment of Gouty Arthritis

- Generic NSAIDs
- COX-2 selective inhibitor
- Intraarticular injection of corticosteroids (prednisone)
- Colchicine


UA Measurement Methods

Enzymatic utilizing uricase:
- (EC the enzyme that catalyzes UA to allantoin can be monitored at 293 nm
- Major disadvantage is that non-UA compounds may interfere with readings at 293 nm
Coupled enzyme assays (Enzymatic colorimetric assay):
- UA to allantoin conversion by uricase generates hydrogen peroxide.
- Hydrogen peroxide is coupled with peroxidase or catalase which generates a color indicator reaction