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Protein CSF Range

15-45 mg/dL (10-40 yrs old)


Causes of Protein in CSF

Abnormal level CSF protein indicates increased permeability of blood/brain barrier in meningitis (viral or bacterial), trauma, multiple sclerosis, obstruction, neoplasm, disk herniation, cerebral infarction.
- Albumin is reference protein for permeability because it is not present in CSF
- Normal CSF albumin/serum albumin ratio is less than 2.7-7.3; if increased, albumin is present from damaged brain barrier


Multiple Sclerosis EP Band Pattern

• Myelin basic protein present in CSF indicates demyelination (breakdown).
• In multiple sclerosis, additional bands are observed in CSF; abnormal discrete bands, called oligoclonal bands.


Testing for Protein in CSF

Sulfosalicyclic ACid, Trichloroacetic Acid, Benzethonium chloride, and Coomassie Brilliant Blue