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Election of 1908

Rep: William Howard Taft
Dem: William Jennings


How many trusts did president taft bust



what was taft stance on tarrifs during the campaign

He wanted to lower tariffs


What were the general terms of the payne-aldrich tariff

This only moderated the high rates of the Aldrich Bill


Why was the progressive wing of the republican party upset with taft when he signed this tarriff

They believed he abandoned progressivism


Who did taft appoint as secretary of the interior

Richard A. Ballinger


What did he do with one million acres of western land

He removed forest and mining lands on the one million acres and returned it to the public domain


What did Gifford Pinchot say about Ballingers action

Accused ballinger of letting commercial interests exploit the natural resources


How did pres taft respond to Ballinger's comments

Taft sided with ballinger and fires Pinchot


Progressive wing

The direct election of senators and the adoption in all states of the inititatitive, advocated women suffrage


Conservative wing

they were against taft bc they did not favor change


Composite sketch of rep Joseph Cannon

Rough talking, tobacco chewing, politician. He was a house speaker from Illinois. He often disregarded seniority in filling committee slots. He often weakened of ignored progressive bills.


Why did reform minded want to remove cannon as chairmen of the House rules commit

They wanted to strip him of his power bc he often ignored or weekend progressive bills


What members of Congress are elected at the mid-term elections? Those are the elections that take place between presidential elections, such as last year.

House of Representatives: members of the House of Representatives get re-elected every two years.

Senate: There are three classes of senators, so at each election, one class of senators gets re-elected or elected.


What did voters say was the reason the rise in the cost of living at these elections in 1910?

A: they believed the rise of the living cost went up because of the Payne-Aldrich Tariff.


Q: What had President Roosevelt done when he left the White House in 1909?

A: Roosevelt left to go shoot big game in Africa.


Q: What was this "New Nationalism" that TR proclaimed when he returned to the United States?

A: Under the federal government, this would exert its power for "the welfare of the people."


Q: Why did the Republican Party nominate President Taft instead of TR at their convention?

A: He was able to provide jobs by controlling patronage since he was already in office.


Q: What was the nickname of the Progressive Party that nominated TR in the election of 1912?

A: The Bull Moose Party.


Q: What was its platform?

A: The platform called for direct election of senators and the adoption of the initiative, referendum, and recall. Advocated woman suffrage, workman's compensation, an eight hour work day, minimum wage for women, a federal law against child labor, and a federal trade commission to regulate business.