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a religion based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that developed in Judea at the beginning of the first century AD



Founder of Christianity, he taught about kindness and love for God. His teachings spread throughout the Roman Empire and the world

Jesus of Nazareth


in Judaism, a new leader that would appear among the Jews and restore the greatness of ancient Israel



Biblical figure, according to the Bible, he was a prophet who announced that the Messiah was coming

John the Baptist


Why did Romans forbid certain religions?

The only time the Romans banned a religion was when the rulers of Rome considered the religion to be a political problem.


Why did Roman leaders consider Judaism to be a potential problem?

1- religious: The Jews did not worship many gods. They believed that their God was the only god. The Romans thought the Jews were insulting them by not praying to Rome's gods.
2- political: The Jews rebelled against Roman rule in Judea. They wanted to be ruled only by Jews, not outsiders.


The Jews rebelled in the AD 60s. Who won?

The Romans won and the Jews were punished for their actions.


Why were the Jews waiting for the Messiah to arrive?

Jewish prophets had said that a new leader would appear among the Jews. He was to be a descendant of King David and he would restore the greatness of David's ancient kingdom, Israel.


What was the Roman attitude toward religion?

The Romans were practical when it came to religion. They didn't think they could be sure which gods did or did not exist, so they prayed to a variety of gods and goddesses to avoid offending any of them.


What was a major religious difference between the Romans and the Jews?

Romans prayed to many gods and Jews believed that their God was the one true god.


Why did the Romans destroy Jerusalem?

The emperor Hadrian wanted to end the Jewish rebellions, so the Roman army crushed the Jewish capital of Jerusalem.


Who did the Jews believe the Messiah was?

They believed the Messiah was the one chosen by God to lead them.