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the period of Egyptian history from about 2050 to 1750 BC and marked by order and stability

Middle Kingdom


the period from about 1550 to 1050 BC in Egyptian history when Egypt reached the height of its power and glory

New Kingdom


paths followed by traders

trade routes


Egyptian queen, she worked to increase trade with places outside of Egypt and ordered many impressive monuments and temples built during her reign

Queen Hatshepsut


Egyptian pharaoh, he expanded the kingdom and built lasting temples at Karnak, Luxor, and Abu Simbel. He is considered one of Egypt's greatest rulers

Ramses the Great


the ancient writing system that used picture symbols



a long-lasting, paper-like material made from reeds that the ancient Egyptians used to write on



a huge stone slab inscribed with hieroglyphics, Greek, and a later form of Egyptian that allowed historians to understand Egyptian writing

Rosetta Stone


imaginary creatures with human head and body of a lion that was often shown on Egyptian statues



a tall, pointed, four-sided pillar in ancient Egypt



Egyptian pharaoh who died while still a young king. The discovery of his tomb in 1922 has taught archaeologists much about Egyptian culture.

King Tutankhamen


What caused the growth of trade in the New Kingdom?

Conquering nearby lands and growth of the empire brought Egyptian traders into contact with more distant lands and allowed for increased trade. Profitable trade routes were developed.


What caused the end of the Middle Kingdom?

Around 1750 BC Egypt was invaded by the Hyskos who ruled the region as pharaohs for 200 years.


What types of jobs existed in ancient Egypt?

scribes, artisans, artists, architects, merchants, traders, soldiers, farmers, peasants, slaves.


What was the Middle Kingdom?

a period of order and stability from around 2050 BC to 1750 BC


How did Ahmose manage to become king of all Egypt?

In the mid-1500s BC Ahmose declared himself king and drove the Hyskos out of Egypt


For what is Ramses the Great best known?

Ramses the Great is considered the last great Egyptian pharaoh


What did Hatshepsut do as pharaoh of Egypt?

She dressed as a man and called herself king. She worked to increase Egyptian trade and used the money gained from trade to support the arts and architecture.


What rights did Egyptian women have?

Unlike most ancient women, Egyptian women had a number of legal rights. They could own property, make contracts, and divorce their husbands. After divorce they could even keep their property.


Why were Egyptian scribes so honored in Egyptian society?

Scribes kept records and accounts for the state. They also wrote and copied religious and literary texts.