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Who discovered the bones of Lucy?

Donald Johanson


What can ancient bones tell us about human ancestors?

Ancient bones give us an idea of the size of our ancestors and whether they walked upright.


How was homo erectus different from homo habilis?

Homo habilis started using stone tools for chopping and scraping. Homo erectus walked upright, used stone tools like the hand ax, and learned to control fire.


How did tools improve during the Stone Age?

The first tools were sharpened stones mostly used to process food. Later people learned to make better tools such as hand axes which could be used to break tree limbs, dig, and cut animal hides. People also started attaching wooden handles to make spears for hunting.


Describe the Paleolithic Era.

Also called Old Stone Age, the Paleolithic Era is when people began to use stone tools. It lasted until about 10,000 years ago.


Describe a hunter-gatherer society.

The people of the Stone Age were hunter-gatherers. They hunted animals and gathered wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive. Anthropologists believe that most Stone Age hunters were men who hunted in groups. The women in these societies were responsible for collecting plants to eat. They stayed near camps and took care of the children.


Why was language developed?

Some scientists believe language first developed to make it easier to hunt in groups. Others think it was a way for people to develop relationships. Still others think it made it easier to resolve issues such as how to distribute food.


Why do historians need archaeologists and anthropologists to study prehistory?

Archaeologists and anthropologists find and study the remains of early humans to make inferences about how humans lived before written history began.


What is the scientific name for modern humans?

homo sapiens


What might have been one advantage of walking completely upright?

Walking upright allows humans to use their hands to manipulate objects such as tools easier.


Besides language, how else did early man express himself?

cave paintings