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Byzantine emperor, he reunited the Roman Empire, simplified Roman laws with Justinian's Code, and ordered Hagia Sophia built.



wife of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, she was a smart and powerful woman who helped him rule effectively



the society that developed in the eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the western Roman Empire

Byzantine Empire


a picture made with pieces of colored stone or glass



Why did Justinian reorganize Roman law?

By simplifying Roman law, the Justinian Code helped guarantee fair treatment for all.


What was the response to Justinian's achievements?

He made many enemies. 2 groups of these enemies joined together and tried to overthrow him. These groups started rioting and Justinian feared for his life and prepared to leave Constantinople.


What stopped Justinian from leaving Constantinople?

His wife Theodora convinced Justinian to stay. She was very smart and powerful and helped him rule effectively. With Theodora's advice, Justinian found a way to end the riots and save the emperor's throne.


How did the eastern empire finally end?

About 900 years after the death of Justinian, Constantinople was captured by the Ottoman Turks.


Who was the last Roman emperor of the eastern empire?



What happened to the empire after Justinian's death?

Non-Roman influences began to take hold. People began to speak Greek - the language of the eastern empire - rather than Latin. Scholars studied Greek, not Roman, philosophy. Gradually the empire lost its ties to the old Roman Empire.


What was the society that developed in the eastern Roman Empire called after the west fell?

Byzantine Empire


What were two ways in which eastern and western Roman society were different?

1- trade -- Because Constantinople's location was ideal for trading between Europe and Asia, it became the greatest trading city in Europe.
2- government -- The power of the eastern emperor was greater because the emperor was considered the head of the church as well as the political ruler. The Byzantines thought the emperor was chosen by God to lead both the empire and the church. In the west the emperor was limited to political power because the Popes and bishops were the leaders of the church.


In the Western Roman Empire

- popes and bishops led the church
- the emperor led the government
- Latin was the main language


In the Byzantine Empire

- emperors led the church and the government
- Greek was the main language


What led to a split in the Christian Church?

Over time the way people practiced Christianity became different. In the East, priests could get married and services were performed in Greek. In the west, priests could not get married and services were performed in Latin. These differences led to divisions and in the 1000s the church officially split.


What is the Eastern Christian church called?

Orthodox Church


What do you think Theodora's role in the government says about women in the eastern empire?

It shows that women were valued for their knowledge. Their opinions were valued.