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General Purpose Media

Grows a broad spectrum of microbes; complex; Nutrient agar, broth, brain-heart infusion, & TSA


Selective Media

Contains one or more agents that inhibit growth of certain microbes but not others; for samples containing dozens of different species (saliva, skin, water, soil)


Enriched Media

Contains complex organic substances; for growing certain species (fastidious microbes); Blood agar, Chocolate agar


Differential Media

Allows multiple types of microorganisms to grow; causes different reactions (dyes make microorganisms easily identifiable)


Transport Media

Used to maintain and preserve specimens that have to be held for a period of time before clinical analysis; also used to sustain species that die quickly


Reducing Media

Contains sodium thioglycollate or cystine that absorbs oxygen or slows the penetration of oxygen; grows anaerobic bacteria or determines oxygen requirements of isolates


Carbohydrate Fermentation Media

Contains sugars that can be fermented (converted to acids) and a pH indicator to show this reaction; identifies bacteria and fungi