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Is the breakdown of rock, usually done by the forces of weather.



Is the wearing down of rock, the transportation and its deposition.


Mechanical weathering

Occurs when rocks are broken apart by physical force applied by frost and plants. It does not involve chemical change in the rock.


Freeze-thaw action

Occurs in cold climates. It must have rainfall. The temperature rises and falls below 0°, the water fills the cracks in the rock during daytime, at night it freezes and expands the crack in the rock, it melts again during the day and this puts pressure on the rock which causes it to break off into sharp pieces called scree. An example is the great sugar loaf, Wicklow.



Occurs in hot climates, for example deserts as there is a big temperature difference between night and day. It is also known as onion weather as the outer layer comes off. The rock is heated during the day and expands, it contracts during the cold night and this puts pressure on the rock which causes it to break off.


Karst landscape

Has features such as clints, grikes, swallow holes, stalactites, stalagmites and pillars. An example is the aillwee cave, Clare.


Clints, grikes and limestone pavement

Are the clints which are the blocks of limestone which form the limestone pavement, the grikes are the gaps in between the clints as a result of carbonation.


Swallow holes

Are opening through which the rivers go underground as a result of carbonation.



Are formed when water containing limestone drips from the ceiling and the water evaporates, leaving the limestone.



Are formed when water containing limestone drips to the floor and the water evaporates leaving the limestone.


The Burren

Is in Clare and is known for its unusual landscape, flora and historic monuments. It attracts many tourists.


The Mullaghmore centre conflict

Happened when there was a proposal to build a visitor centre with a restaurant and carpark in Mullaghmore, in the middle. There was support and opposition, but it wasn't built.


The centre should be build

Because there would be jobs to work there. More money for the locality as people would buy local monuments or crafts. The centre would make it more interesting. It would be in an unused quarry.


The centre shouldn't be built

Because visitors would damage the flora and limestone when they walk over it. Pollution from traffic would damage the flora and roads would destroy the landscape. The Poulnabrone dolmen could be damaged. They could have it in the town.



Is the wearing down of the surface of the earth. It is usually caused by weathering and erosion.