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What were the three major wars between Rome and Carthage called?

Punic wars (puny?)


In which war did the Roman army face Hannibal’s army? (Hannibal marched elephants across the Alps) considered one of the best Generals in ancient history.

Second Punic War


What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Both Romans and Carthage wanted control over it.



Why did the Romans and Carthage want to control Sicily?

central location in Mediterranean Sea
warm climate, fertile land

Romans feared that the Carthaginians would become stronger and hinder Roman trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

Romans also feared that the Carthaginians might attack the southern region of the Italian Peninsula


Roman Navy developed an effective strategy to defeat Carthage boats?

They designed a ship that dropped a plank with a spiked tip, soldiers ran across plank


A ______ is a group of people who share common ancestors and a common culture



Hannibal's strategy to defeat the Romans?

Attack outskirts of Roman empire to hopefully recruit more troops

Used bulge in center to make a U-shaped trap around the Romans


True or False: After defeating Carthage in the 3rd Punic War, Rome stopped expanding.

After Carthage, it conquered Greece itself, made an alliance with Egypt, and gained control over the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Rome was now in control of the Mediterranean world.


Why did Hannibal cross the dangerous Alps Mountains instead of fighting Rome directly?

Wanted to sneak up on them

Wanted to recruit more soldiers along the way


The Roman Army was divided into?
a. squads
b. platoons
c. legions
d. Divisions

C. Legions


In a span of five hundred years, Rome constructed over ________ miles of roads.

50,000 miles


Why did Rome build so many roads?

The first and most famous Roman road was called the _______ ______?

for the armies to travel to all of Rome’s provinces

the Appian Way.


What were some of the problems that the Romans faced as their borders expanded?

Farmers who left their farms to be soldiers came home to find their property ruined

Rich people bought farms and got more influence. Roman Senate became corrupt

Many sold farms and moved to the city to find work, but most jobs were already filled by slaves


What kind of calendar do we use today?

Gregorian (based in Christ death/ not Julian)


The common people (Plebeian) of Rome found a new champion who tried to help their cause. This military hero let Plebeian's join the Roman Army?

a. Julius Caesar
b. Marius
c. Sulla
d. Pompey


This created a professional army that fought for financial gain rather than for patriotic cause


Who were the two Roman generals that led to a Roman Civil War?

Marius and Sulla


In 60 BC the three Roman Generals formed an alliance of three called

the Triumvirate


On what date in 44 BC was Caesar assassinated? What is this date called? beware of the.....

March 15th

"Ides of March"


What two Senators conspired to assasinate Caesar?

Cassius and Brutus


Who ruled Rome after Caesar's death?

Octavian (nephew) and General Mark Antony