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What were two ways the Great Wall benefited the Qin people?

Qin started it. Thousands died to save millions.

The wall kept out invaders from the north

construction work kept unhappy citizens busy


What was the purpose of the civil service system?

Han rulers needed well ­trained officials to help run the country. Needed to train people for government service


What did Qin do to silence philosophers and scholars? Why?


Qin thought scholars wanted to break up his empire.


What is the term for when the government silences or control a person's influence.



T or F: Qin believed in education for the common man?


Reading was a waste. Burned all of Confucius books


T or F: Like the Egyptians, ancient China thought their dead ancestors would live on in the next world and needed supplies to survive?



What was the Terra-cotta Army?

6,000 waterproof clay soldiers made to protect emperor Qin as he lived on in the next world.


The powerful Qin dynasty lasted less than thirty years, but what were two things China kept from his legacy?

The name "China" comes from Qin

He started the Great Wall of China


This is something material of value that is exchanged for goods or services. It can be simple things like shells, beans, gold, silver...

What were earliest known form of currency used in China?

Currency (money)

Cowry shells


Who standardized the currency used in China? He minted coins that were round and flat with a square hole in the middle. The hole allowed
people to carry the coins on a string.



This Dynasty rose to power around 202 BC. And expanded China to its present size today?

Han Dynasty


Under this Han Dynasty emperor, Confucianism became the official Government's official philosophy? He even started his own university to teach it

Emperor Wu Ti. (Started at 16 years old)


A civil servant in the Han Dynasty took three exams:

1. History and government
2. Confucius exam
3. Poetry and political essays (emperor supervised)


Because Han was so popular, many Chinese people call themselves this today?

“sons of Han.”


What were some of the achievements of the Han dynasty?

medicine - acupuncture
manufacturing - metal material, rudders, silk
science - seismoscope, paper
literature - Shiji, poetry


What did Chinese keep written records on before the invention of paper?

silk, bone, turtle shell, and other materials to keep written records.


What is the procedure is done by poking needles through the skin at specific points on the body.



Who invented the seismoscope and what did it do?

Chang Heng (Han Dynasty)

used to detect earthquakes (earthquake weather clock)


How did the Han Dynasty government use the bronze frog seismoscope?

to determine the earthquake’s location. leaders sent troops out to that area with food and supplies to help people, particularly the farmers, whose work supported the entire country.


He wrote a complete history of all the Chinese dynasties through the early Han.

Sima Qian


What was Sima Qian’s work called? Why was it important?

Shiji (Records of the Grand Historian)

History of all the dynasties needed since Qin destroyed everything


True or False: Paper also invented during Qin?

False. Han Dynasty


How did Buddhism enter China?

Trade routes brought merchants and teachers from India to China in the second century AD.


Why were boys valued more than girls?

sons carried on the family line and were responsible for the care of elderly parents


Emperor Wu wanted to form alliances with other countries? He sent General Zhang Qian who found better horses. trade started... Rode on the Bactrian camel....

What was the main route called, and why?

Silk Road

Silk was #1 product countries wanted


Traded into China?

Traded out of China?

In: horses, cotton, fruit and "ideas"

Out: silk, pottery


What are the two types if Buddhism?

Ther­avada Buddhism

Mahayana Bud­dhism


Whats the difference between Ther­avada Buddhism
and Mahayana Bud­dhism?

Ther­avada Buddhism

Mahayana Bud­dhism - version that went to China. Believe it is their duty to help others reach Nirvana (Bodhisattva)


What is a bodhisattva? (Mahayana Buddhism)

a person who has reached enlightenment but delays nirvana to help others reach enlightenment.


Confucianism created four social classes? Whar was different about these?

Wealth had NOTHING to do with social class!

The upper class was made up of the em­peror and scholars who held governmental positions.

The second class (largest) was the peasants (valued because they help society)

Third class was the artisans.

Merchants made up the lowest class because they did not produce goods for society.


True or False: Han believed in a strong family. It was a crime for kids to disobey their parents?