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What are the 4 most common causes of food borne illness?

1. Listeria monocytogenes
2. Norovirus
3. Salmonella
4. E coli


Where is most listeria found?

Deli meats because it will continue to grow in 4 degree temperatures(fridge)
-transmitted by contact


What is unsafe food?

Food that has been contaminated with a harmful substances ethat causes illness or injury when eaten


What are the 3 categories of food contaminants?



How does food spoil?

Deterioration of food is due to naturally occurring enzymes and microorganisms that colonize the food
-some micro-organisms might make you sick and others not


What are examples of how food spoils?

Fruits and meats turn brown
Milk curdles
Veggies wilt
-texture, takes and smell change as well


What causes a food borne illness?

Symptoms or illness from food/water that contains an infectious agent, a poisonous substance or a protein (altered protein) that causes an immune reaction


What is a food borne infection?

eating foods contaminated by infectious microbes
-salmonella and listeria
-symptoms: stomach cramps, fever, vomiting, diarrhea


What is a food intoxication?

Eating foods contaminated with natural toxins or microbes that produce toxins
-staph, c bot.


Why is staph troublesome?

You can not kill the toxin with heat, it is heat resistant
-whereas c bot is


What strain of e coli causes illness?

-water, raw meat, unpasteurized milk and juice, uncooked fruits and veggies, bean and alfa alfa


How do you prevent e coli contamination?

Thoroughly cook meat
Avoid contamination


Where do you find listeria?

Raw veggies, lunch meats, soft cheese and unpasteurized milk


Where are you mot likely to find staph?

Cream and cream filled backed goods, poultry+eggs, dressing, gravy, mayo sandwiches and salads
-contaminate through skin, cuts, noses/throats


Where would you find C bot?

Improperly canned food, meat and fish, garlic in oil, honey


How do you prevent the spread of c bot?

Properly can foods
Cook food properly (boiled for at least 10 mins)
Dont give honey to children who are <16months


How can c bot survive in cans?

Like anaerobic environments and their spores can survive in this environment. Once opened and left at the appropriate temperature


What other things can cause a food borne illness?

Virus- Hep A&E, Norwalk virus

Helminths- worms, tape worms, flukes, roundworm
-eggs hatch in host


What are some foods to avoid?

Raw/unpasturized food
Raw seafood
Raw eggs
Undercooked meat
Raw sprouts


Why should we avoid eating raw sprouts?

Even if you cook sprouts there is still a chance of contracting the toxin because the toxin is on the inside of the sprout. Once ingested it releases the toxin


Why has the transmission of food borne illnesses changed over the years?

Changed because of the significant industrialization of agriculture


What are HACCPs?

Hazard analysis critical control points.
-Industry control points where things could go wrong and these steps are highly regulated


What are municipalities trying to do interms of reducing food borne illness?

Public health Inspectors visit all eating and drinking establishments to ensure minimum standards are followed


How can consumers be aware of their food safety?

Batch numbering
Best before dates
Safety seals and Wrappers


From farms to table, how can the food be contaminated at each step?

Farm: Water supply, workers
Processing: Improper handling, unclean equipment, temperature for washing, 1 patch contaminating the rest
Transportation: Truck temperature, unloading of truck
Retail/Consumer: Fridge temp, storage


Why have illnesses become more prevalent in terms of food production?

Production has become:
-oversight has decreased
-mass produce more
-ingredients from various sources
-possible contamination at every step


What is irradiation?

Sterilizing food by exposure to energy waves


What would irradiation solve?

Controlling mould
Sterilizing spices & tea
Controlling insects
Extending Shelf-life
-Destroying bacteria


What are the benefits of irradiation?

-Not radioactive
-No notable change in taste texture or appearance
-Minimal vitamin loss


Which vitamins are the most vulnerable?

water soluble vitamins and can dissolve in water
-degradation continues once picked
-O2 easily destroyed
-readily dissolve in water