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A sudden event in one's life that disturbs homeostasis, during which usual coping mechanisms cannot resolve the problem.



Phase in which the individual is exposed to a precipitating stressor. Anxiety increases previous problem solving techniques are employed.

phase 1


Phase in which the previous problem solving techniques do not relieve the stressor. The individual begins to feel a great deal of discomfort. Feelings of confusion and disorganization prevail.

Phase 2


Phase in which all possible resources, both internal and external, are called on to resolve the problem and relieve the discomfort. The individual may begin to look at the problem from a different perspective, or even overlook certain aspects.

Phase 3


Phase if the resolution does not occur in previous phases. "the tension mounts beyond a further threshold or its burden increases over time to a breaking point. Major disorganization of the individual with drastic results often occurs.

Phase 4


Class 1 crises: An acute response to an external situational stressor.

Dispositional Crises


Class 2 crises: Normal life cycle transitions that may be anticipated but over which the individual may feel a lack of control.

Crises of anticipated life transitions


Class 3: Crises precipitated by unexpected external stresses over which the individual has little or no control and from which he or she feels emotionally overwhelmed and defeated.

Crises resulting from traumatic stress


Class 4:Crises that occur in response to situations that trigger emotions related to unresolved conflicts in one's life. These crises are of internal origin and reflect underlying developmental issues that involve dependency, value conflicts, sexual identity, control, and capacity for emotional intimacy.

maturational/developmental crises


Class 5: emotional crises in which preexisting psychopathology has been instrumental in precipitating the crisis or in which psychopathology significantly impairs or complicates adaptive resolution.
Examples- schizo, severe neuroses, borderline personality disorders.

Crises reflecting psychopathology


Class 6: Crisis in situations in which general functioning has been severely impaired and the individual is unable to assume personal responsibility.
ex- alcohol intoxication, OD's, suicidal individuals, acute psychoses.

psychiatric emergencies