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it is not a diagnosis it is a disorder



This religious group believes that life is a gift from God and that taking it is strictly forbidden



This plays a significant role after age 60 and becomes the leading predisposing factor to suicidal behavior in individuals older than age 80.

medical illness


the response of the individual who feels separate and apart from the mainstream of society.

Egoistic suicide


The individual who is excessively integrated into a group. The allegiance is often so strong that the individual will sacrifice his or her life for the group

altruistic suicide


occurs in response to changes that occur in an individuals life such as divorce, loss of job that disrupts feelings of relatedness to the group.

anomic suicide


-people older than 50 and adolescents
-single, divorced, or widowed
-highest and lowest socioeconomic class
-professional health care personnel and business executives are at highest risk
-use of firearms
-no affiliation with religious group
- family hx

high risk for suicide


-The client should not be left alone. Make arrangements with the family. They should be hospitalized if this cannot happen.
-Establish a no-suicide contract.
-Enlist help of family and friends to ensure that the home environment is safe from dangerous items
-appointments should be scheduled every other day
-Establish rapport and promote a trusting relationship
-Accept the clients feelings in a non judgmental manner.
-Discuss the current crisis situation. Use problem solving approach
-Help the client identify areas of life situation that are within his or her control
-May be prescribed antidepressants no more than 3 day supply

interventions with the discharged suicidal client


Be direct. Talk matter of factly about suicide. Listen actively and encourage expression of feelings including anger.

handeling a suicidal person


-A sense of guilt and responsibility
-Anger and resentment
-A heightened sense of emotionality, helplessness, failure and despair
-self searching (if only I had done something)
-inner injury. The family feels wounded
-Severe strain
-vulnerability to illness

Suicide of a family member