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What are the three sequential sets of kidneys

pronephros, mesonephros, metanephros


what are the two primordia of the UG system

intermediate mesoderm, splanchnopleure of hindgut


The intermediate mesoderm bulges into the peritoneal cavity to form what two things? Together called?

nephrogenic cord, gonadal ridge. Together called urogenital ridge


Paramesonephric ducts: where do they develop? what do they develop into?

in-foldings of nephrogenic cord. Become uterus, uterine tubes, upper vagina


mesonephric duct. What? where does it connect?

embryonic ureter. Joins the mesophrc tubules and drains to cloaca


Metanephric diverticulum

aka ureteric bud. originates from mesonephric duct but makes its own connection to cloaca


what are the two primordia of the metanephros? what do they give rise to?

ureteric bud: ureters, renal pelvis, calyces, collecting ducts and tubules, metanephric mass of intermediate mesoderm: nephrons


where is the union of the ureteric bud and metanephric mesoderm?

b/w the DCT (mesoderm) and the collecting tubule (bud)


horseshoe kidney arises from what?

fusion of ureteric buds that hood around inferior mesenteric artery


What does the urorectal septum do?

divides cloaca into rectum and UG sinus (bladder and future phallus