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Which type of question could be answered by discussing ethnic differences in education?

Any question asking about ethnic, class and gender =

- they all interplay = everyone has a class, gender and ethnicity.


What does ethnicity refer to?

A shared culture, identity and history.


What is an ethnic group?

A group of people that see themselves as distinctly different based on religion, geography or language.


Which ethnic group achieves the most and least 5+ GCSE grades A* - C (2013)?

- Most = Chinese

about 78%.

- Least = Gypsy/Roma

about 15%.


What is a problem with the classification of ethnic groups?

Its too broad =

e.g. defining who is 'Asian' is hard as it covers many different nationalities, religions and languages.


Which ethnic groups tend to do the best and worst i education?

Best = Chinese and Indian pupils.

Worst = Black and Pakistani pupils.


Compare White pupils' achievement to the national average?

Very close =

because they make up the majority of the school population.


What factors are used to explain ethnic differences in achievement?

- Internal factors.

- External factors.