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What is the New Right view?

Political =

- State cannot meet peoples needs; peoples needs need to be met through the free market - private businesses competing.


How do the New Right believe education will become more like a competing business?

Through marketisation and parentocracy:

- e.g. ERA.


How are New Right similar to functionalists?

1). They believe some people are naturally more talented than others.

2). Education should be meritocratic --> it opens competition.

3). Education should socialise pupils and instil shared values.


Why do New Right say education is a 'one size fits all' system?

State-run education cannot meet individual and community needs, or the needs of employers for skilled and motivated workers, therefore, its a one size fits all system.


How do state schools have lower standards?

They aren't accountable for who uses there service (consumers), so;

- Schools that get poor results don't change as they don't have anyone to answer to (consumers).

- This leads to lower standards and a less qualified workforce.


What do New Right say the solution to the issue in education is?

Marketisation = creating an education market;

- Forces schools to respond to the needs of pupils, parents and employers --> competition between schools force teachers to be more efficient.

- Bringing in policies (e.g. league tables) allows competition --> a schools success depends on standards of teaching.


Why do Chubb and Moe say state education has failed?

It's failed because it doesn't have to meet the pupils' needs;

- Their data shows low-income families do 5% better in private schools because they are answerable to their consumers.


What is Chubb and Moe's solution, based on their findings?

Marketisation, based on a voucher system;

- Parents would be given a voucher to spend on a school of their choice.

- Schools would have to be more responsive to consumer needs as the vouchers would be their main source of income --> placing control in the hands of the consumer.


What role does the state still need in education?

1). Framework for competition =

Produce league tables, national curriculums, etc, in order to provide competition, which will promote high standards of teaching.

2). Shared norms =

State needs to ensure that schools instil society's culture through the curriculum.


What are the criticisms of the New Right perspective on education?

1). There are other reasons for the increase in standards, apart from marketisation.

2). Critics say that low standards is dues to a lack in stat funding, rather than state control.


How does Gerwirtz criticise the New Right?

Competition in schools benefit m/c as they can get their children into desired schools.


How do Marxists criticise the New Right?

Argue that education impose capitalist values, not a shared culture.